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Not for the first time in the past decade do I find myself wishing I had hung on to my Trolls dolls from the 1990s. With the new movie coming out in November, a whole new wave of Trolls dolls is coming out, and though they are pretty great, I do miss the ugliness of the first wave!  All of our favorite Trolls are back from the previous movies for Trolls Band Together, and they’re teaming up with Mattel in a line of toys that ranges from small dolls, akin to the traditional doll, through hair-raising interactive trolls.

All Images: Sarah Pinault and Mattel

The smaller dolls are about as close to the “original” as you can get. Our Baby Branch has quickly taken up place in most play times, being used as a prop, a hairbrush, a fidget toy, or a character in many scenarios. The kids all love that the clothes pop on and off, which they do with great ease; I find it a little odd myself. These are available in Queen Poppy, Viva, Branch, and Guy Diamond, though, alas, no Mr. Dinkles.

In one of the more interactive toys, available as either Poppy or Viva, the Rainbow Hairtunes™ dolls are very in keeping with the style of the Kendrick/Timberland era of movies. The dolls take three AAA batteries which already come with the doll. Poppy comes fully dressed, with no removable accessories other than her hair brush, but she does come fully loaded with songs and catchphrases from the upcoming movie. When you brush her hair, you instantly get a light show and the dulcet tones of Anna Kendrick. The doll is designed for one type of play: you brush her hair, she makes a sound. But what it makes up for in activity is compensated for in imagination, and, just like the smaller Baby Branch, Poppy soon found herself part of a wide range of games in our house. It’s a very simple toy that many children will just love, as it easily adapts to whatever they are currently involved in.

This doll does have a higher cranium than the “real” Trolls, to accommodate the light box inside the hair. So you don’t get the kind of hair play you would expect, and while my kids just think it is hilarious it makes me think of Jane Curtis’s Prymaat from Coneheads every time I pick it up!

None of the kids enjoyed her side bangs, which are glued into place with some kind of ’80s-strength hair spray. It stays put and does not want to be brushed. Aesthetically I understand the decision, but it seems pretty unnecessary. Nevertheless I am sure my kids will brush it until it is all removed!

Even my husband admitted that it’s a cool little toy, and now that we are 14 years into this parenthood gig, he is quite sick of most toys!

Hair Pops™ are an assortment of small dolls again featuring the vibrant Trolls hair, but with an added surprise—the hair can fit little Hair Pops™ that pop out when you pinch them. Each Hair Pops™ opens to reveal an accessory and can be used as storage for additional pieces. It brings to mind the Secret Keeper I had in the ’80s but in a Polly Pocket kind of size.

There are of course some toys coming out that are specifically designed around playing with the hair. HAIRSATIONAL REVEALS™ and the Trendsettin’ Fashion Doll line. Each doll can be styled to various extents with the former coming with many accessories.

Some of these new toys are available now and some will be in stores nationally starting on October 1st, when all of the new Trolls products will be available. If you just can’t wait, you can visit the Mattel Trolls Page to see them as they come out. I still want to go back to the ’80s and retrieve my long lost collection, but I think my kids would far prefer these movie-themed dolls; they are much prettier!

GeekMom received a selection of Trolls for review purposes.

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