Moon Pod: Not Your Mother’s Bean Bag

Let me tell you the tale of someone with back pain. No, wait, let me tell you the tale of a middle-aged person. Oh, nevermind, that’s the same thing.

Some days, no matter how many physical therapy exercises I do or how comfortable I try to make myself in a chair, in bed, or on the couch, my body just doesn’t feel supported. My back, neck, and shoulders cry out, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!” (Or, sometimes, “Calgon, take me away!”) So when I heard about Moon Pod bean bags and was offered a chance to review one, I was intrigued.

About Moon Pods

A Moon Pod is a modern-day bean bag filled with high-density beads. It claims to simulate how it feels to be in a flotation tank, but I can’t speak to that, being claustrophobic and never trying it. But my guess is that it’s similar but not quite the same.

The fill beads are held within a very stretchy fabric that is then corralled more effectively by the less-stretchy-but-still-stretchy removable washable cover, which comes in a variety of colors, both dark and light.

The basic Moon Pod weighs either 12 or 13 pounds, depending on what part of the website you believe. It’s pretty easy to just grab and move around, and will stand up on its small end.

A larger, Super Moon Pod is also available, which is big enough for two people. Accessories include the Crescent (see below), the Lunar Lift (a foot rest), a Moon Pod 4d Pillow, and a more durable Moon Pod Outdoor Cover. You can also order extra regular covers for all of the products.

Note: It is likely that if you buy this for yourself and you have small and/or territorial children, you may never get to use it again. So, stake your claim early. Hold your ground. Or get them their own.

My Bean Bag History

I’ve now had three bean bags in my life. The first one was a kid-sized one I shared with my sister when we were quite little. Its cover was corduroy, and I loved it so much. I think it might have actually been filled with real beans.

The second was a large vinyl one that could easily sit two adults, but it wasn’t very comfortable, it lost its fluff after a while, and it quickly became a dog bed.

The third, now, is a Moon Pod (and accompanying Crescent). I wasn’t too sure what to expect, even after watching some videos on the website. It looked better filled and more versatile than the bean bags I’d had in the past, and I liked that there were different accessories which could broaden the experience.

First Impressions

When my Moon Pod and Crescent arrived, I had a few first impressions.

First, it took some wrestling for my daughter and me to get the Moon Pod and Crescent into their respective covers. (I’ve since done it by myself, and it just takes a bit of shaking and mooshing. Totally doable.)

Second, the covers were lovely. They’re thick, quality, and stretchy (but not more stretchy than they need to be), and they feel really nice to touch and sit on. The covers fit easily but snugly over the fill.

Third, sitting on the Moon Pod and using the Crescent, you quickly notice how easily it contours to your body. Its densely packed bag o’ non-bean beans supports you everywhere, including providing lumbar support. It was instantly comfortable. Ahhhh…

Fourth, I noticed how easily it attracts cat hair.

Fifth, I noticed an odor, which I later tracked down to the fill, not the cover. It is fading over time, though, and it helped to air everything out while I was later washing the covers.

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Some Random Moon Pod Thoughts

They call the Moon Pod “super light” at only 13 pounds, but I’d say it’s just “easy to move” rather than “super light.” It really does stand up on end, though, making it easy to toss in a corner.

My guess is that they use moon and lunar references to name their products because sitting on a Moon Pod is supposed to be like being in the Moon’s gravity. I wouldn’t say it’s quite that floaty, but it’s definitely in that direction.

The Moon Pod contours to your body really nicely, but if you don’t get it right the first time, you have to stand up and try again. Shifting your body doesn’t always work.

After the covers were sufficiently covered in cat hair, I washed them in net laundry bags and hung them up to dry, and they still seem brand new. I was worried about pilling, but the fabric didn’t pill.

The Pros

  • The Moon Pod is really comfortable. It really does evenly support your body in whatever position you choose. It feels so nice on my back. So comfortable. It’s good for sitting or lounging or even lying down.
  • Along with the Crescent and/or a Lunar Lift footrest (which I didn’t test), there are so many ways to use the Moon Pod. We are coming up with new setups all the time. The Crescent adds so much additional support and many configuration options for how to sit or lie down. The shape of the Moon Pod is nice because it gives you more options than a spherical bean bag.
  • The cover is a really lovely fabric. Stretchy and perfect.
  • It’s very versatile, from lying down to sitting up to somewhere in between. You can use it as a low chair for playing videogames or for sitting at a (low) table. Or you can just flop around on it in whatever position is comfortable for you.

The Cons

  • It’s hard to stand up from the Moon Pod. Because pushing back on it just makes you lose your hands in the fill, it’s easiest to just roll off and then get up from the floor.
  • Moon Pod does come with a smell. I don’t know if that’s the fire retardant they use or what exactly. But it was a bit overwhelming for me at first, so airing it out was a necessity. This really helped, and the smell continues to fade.
  • The price is a bit high. A Moon Pod isn’t an impulse buy. But if you want something that is versatile and also higher quality than what you might find in the dorm section of Target, it’s a good option.
  • I found that a Moon Pod by itself lacked enough ways to use it for my taste, but just by adding the Crescent accessory the options expanded considerably.
  • It is a bit static-y. Things stick to it, like cat hair, dust, and lint.
  • I worry about sitting on it with anything sharp or snaggy, but that would be a concern with any bean bag really. The website does say it’s pet-friendly, but, thankfully, our cats have left it alone.
  • If you move around too much while sitting in it, the support you experienced when you first sat down will disappear, and you’ll need to stand up and start again.
  • If you sit in one position for a very long time (like an hour or so), the firmness increases, making it less “moon gravity”-like. That’s easy to fix by standing up and starting again.

Who Are Moon Pods For?

I’d say Moon Pod products are for anyone who wants or needs a comfortable lounging experience. Adults, college students (these would be great for the dorm), teens, little kids…

The only groups I wouldn’t recommend them for are the extremely young and those with mobility issues. This would include the elderly and anyone who can’t roll off a Moon Pod and get up from the floor without assistance.

My Favorite Ways to Use My Moon Pod

I have three favorite ways to use my Moon Pod.

  1. Just sitting on the Moon Pod by itself, standing it upright and then sitting right down on it. This provides as high as possible a sitting surface with a small amount of back rest. Perfect for watching TV with a group, or “pulling up a chair” and playing videogames with your kid. This is the one position I have a fighting chance of merely standing up from, rather than rolling out of.
  2. As a lounger. Sitting on the Moon Pod as described above, but then placing the Crescent around behind me, so it acts as a pillow with arm rests. Then lean back. This is fantastic for reading or doing something on a laptop.
  3. What I’ll call “high chair mode.” Sit on the Moon Pod as above, but then put the Crescent in front of you, providing arm rests on the sides and a “work surface” or “lap desk” in front of you. This is where I’ve perched my iPad and settled in to watch a show. This also allows for plenty of room between me and my iPad for a cat, or maybe two, if they’re friendly. Note: You will be trapped in this scenario, and you’ll have to die here.

I’ve also tried sitting on the Moon Pod for meditation. I think that’ll work better once the odor has gone completely.

There are countless ways to use a Moon Pod. When you run out of your own ideas, check out the website’s testimonials page for videos of other people trying it out.


If the price isn’t a deterrent, the Moon Pod and its optional accessories are a fantastic bean bag option. The unusual shape allows for a wider variety of uses than a standard spherical bean bag. The accessories broaden your options, and you can even use them all separately from the main Moon Pod. I love that the covers are all washable and still look brand new after washing.

Having a Moon Pod sitting around is helpful when you need an extra seat, or when someone needs a nap and you’re short on beds.

The Moon Pod currently sells for $299 and the Crescent for $139. The Super Moon Pod is $499, the Lunar Lift foot rest is $139, Moon Pod 4d Pillow is $89.99, and the Outdoor Cover is $99. Prices for extra covers vary by item. They also have discounted bundles! You can order them on their website, but they also have an Amazon presence.

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer here, check out their FAQ.

Note: I received a sample for review purposes. Some links in this post are affiliate links.

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