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Superheroes: It’s easy to recognise the cape flapping in the wind, or an identity-hiding mask with wicked dark eye-shadow for extra effect. But like the meme says, ‘Not all heroes wear capes’. After the global COVID-19 Pandemic, we have learnt superheroes also wear scrubs, grocery aprons, or teach via zoom. Some heroes wear lab coats and do medical research to vaccinate against viruses or cure diseases like cancer. And some of us can be superheroes by raising money to fund this research. Now, I’m no medical research scientist but I do love a great fundraiser for an even greater cause. So, let’s work to my strength and talk about Game On Cancer–an awesome event for superhero streamers and their superhero supporters.

Superhero Day – April 28

It started as a promotional day with Marvel Comics back in 1995. The day was a simple affair for Marvel employees to celebrate their favorite superheroes. Over time, the day has grown to include our respect and admiration for real superheroes.

More recently, Superhero Day has grown into an event to encourage everyday people to be superheroes. No, you don’t have to check for mutating genes or glowy green rings. It’s about working with what you do have and making a difference. It might be helping a parent navigate their trolley and kids across the busy carpark. It might be volunteering for a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service with delivery to the elderly. There are lots of opportunities to be a superhero for someone who just needs a little support.

Cure Cancer’s Game on Cancer Initiative

For the third year running, Cure Cancer is running the Game On Cancer initiative to raise funds for life-saving cancer research. From April 28 to May 11, superhero streamers will be hosting charity streams on their channels and encouraging their audiences to donate towards vital cancer research. No capes required! Anyone can join in and make a difference. The idea is to do something you love, share it with others, and invite them to donate to Cure Cancer.

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Over the past 55-years, Cure Cancer has raised over $83m to fund more than 540 research grants across all cancer types. Their vision is to support innovative ways to eliminate all cancers by supporting young researchers around the world. Game On Cancer is just one of the many ways they raise awareness and necessary funds to support this great work. Best of all, it’s one of the easiest campaigns to join, as either a streamer or a supporter.

For Superhero Streamers and Superhero Supporters

If you’re a streamer on any level, head to Tiltify here and sign-up for more information. There is a fundraiser toolkit with all the information you need. You can join on your own or with a group of friends. And don’t stress about your skillz–it’s not about the Ultimate Gaming Experience. It’s about having some fun with your gaming AND raising money for cancer research. If you have a group of friends and followers who can chip in a few dollars, then you’re ready to roll.

During the two weeks, you can also tune in with other superhero streamers and donate to Cure Cancer. Currently, we have Xbox Gamer Dad and The Entertainment Geekly along with many others ready to stream their gameplay and share plenty of laughs. The goal this year is to raise a collective AUD$50,000, with over AUD$410,000 raised in the last three years. That’s a lot of funding for cancer research and all through the power of gaming. Isn’t it awesome what we geeks can achieve with our skills?

Where to Learn More

This is the easiest part of all: head to Game On Cancer here.  It has all the details for sign-up, as well as helpful tips to make the most of your fundraising experience. You can also join the social media support by following @GameOn_Cancer and #GameOnCancer

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