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Monoprice delivers an amazing tenkeyless gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches at an amazing price this holiday season, the Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard.

If you have been a hardcore tech geek in recent generations, you probably have purchased some products from If you have, you know that Monoprice has been offering quality technology at affordable prices for years. So it is no surprise that, with the advent of their new Dark Matter series of gaming peripherals, they have once again made some amazing products at an affordable price. That leads us to their new Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard.

The Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard comes with everything that gamers look for in a tenkeyless solution. Full-spectrum RGB lights that are fully programmable, Cherry MX Brown switches, a steel switch plate, and detachable USB-C cable are all on-board for this new device. And you get all of this for $69.99! 

Unboxing and Setup

I love the graphic design of the Monoprice Dark Matter series of peripherals. True, it is black on black, but, hey, that is what I like. Once out of the packaging the new Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard feels incredibly sturdy. True, the bottom plate is only ABS plastic and not aluminum, but it still feels and handles durably. There is a bit more flex considering it is ABS, but not so much as to put this keyboard in danger.

The double injection PBT keycaps also have a great feel, and the click of the Cherry MX brown switches has a strong and profound click that will stand the test of the thousands of virtual battlefields you will throw at it. The USB-C cable provided is strong and braided. Considering I have used countless Monoprice cables over the years, I am sure the one provided will do the trick for a long time to come.

Once plugged into my Windows 11 laptop, the drivers fired up and installed, and I was ready to go. I chose to pair it to my laptop in hopes that this keyboard will become my new travel gaming keyboard and live in my backpack. This means I need it to be as strong and sturdy as possible so that it can take the beatings of flight and car travel and be used in hotel lobbies and convention halls.


I don’t often get excited about testing, but since I am looking to try the Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard with a host of new device adapters like the Keymander 2 Mobile to see how well it works not only with my Acer Predator laptop but my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy Note to see if it will become my writing and gaming road warrior, I have high hopes. 

I set up my folding desk at the beach and set to playing some COD while listening to the sounds of the surf. I also had a mountain of papers to correct for my social media class so that I can get my word processing done.

The size and feel of the Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard were perfect for my small table and allowed me to fit a mouse alongside without being too cramped. I set my LEDs to my preferred shade of red and began. The clicks and anti-ghosting performed incredibly right away, allowing me to do keypress combinations without any rollover issues. Everything felt very solid and with little flex. Response from the Cherry MX brown keys was phenomenal as expected.


Model 42306
Switch Type Cherry MX™ Brown
Poll Rate 1000Hz
Key Caps Double Injection PBT
Top Plate ABS
Switch Mount Plate Steel
Bottom Plate ABS
Key Lifespan 100 million keystrokes
Dimensions 14.2″ x 5.2″ x 1.4″ (360 x 133 x 35 mm)
Weight 2.1 lbs. (950g)

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard is a great tenkeyless gaming keyboard at an affordable price of $69.99. It has everything modern gamers are looking for when it comes to a small-profile, durable, and portable solution. This may be a great one to buy for yourself as a road keyboard and perhaps for someone in your life that you know will appreciate having all of these features on the go.

A sample of the Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard was made available by the manufacturer. Thoughts expressed in this article are the author’s alone and not that of the manufacturer or editorial staff.


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