GeekDad: ‘Thinkrolls Play & Code’ Encourages Growth and Creativity Through Problem Solving (Sponsored)

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Here at GeekDad, the only thing we love more than gaming is gaming with a purpose. And that is exactly how app developer Avokiddo first came to our attention.

Beloved by educational researchers and kids’ technology experts alike—and certainly no stranger to editor’s choice and best app lists—the Thinkrolls series of physics-based puzzle games has racked up accolades by using charming characters and clever gameplay to enhance young players’ logic and problem-solving skills.

Avokiddo’s latest gaming innovation is Thinkrolls Play & Code, an adorable educational title that pits young minds against more than 800 playable mazes and other logic puzzles specifically tailored to train kids in 8 key cognitive areas: logical thinking, problem-solving, spatial reasoning, memory, attention, processing speed, inventiveness, and creativity.

That creativity is pushed even further by Play & Code‘s code-your-own feature, providing even the youngest of children with the ability to craft their very own puzzles. This feature uses an intuitive drag and drop interface, meaning there are no coding (or even reading) skills required!

Thinkrolls Code Your Own
Make your own amazing mazes with Thinkrolls Play & Code. image: Avokiddo

Players can create their own logic puzzles by designing a maze, and then placing pre-coded objects like bridges, fans, and funny creatures inside this framework to help bring it to life. Whether simple and straightforward or deviously challenging, their planning and imagination are rewarded with enjoyable gameplay that’s ready to share with the Thinkrolls community.

The team at Avokiddo believes that children have unlimited potential and that they simply need the appropriate environment in which to flex their mental muscles. Thinkrolls Play & Code provides just such an opportunity, allowing kids to learn and experiment at their own pace alongside the titular Thinkrolls, a cast of characters just as unique and curious as they are.

Make Your Own Thinkroll
Make a Thinkroll of your very own! image: Avokiddo

With the continued focus on STEAM education—science, technology, engineering, art, and math—Play & Code makes a perfect supplement to your school (or homeschool) curriculum for three- to eight-year-olds. It supports learning through trial and error, and, rather than the passive edutainment many of us grew up with, it inspires young minds to make, to code, to do.

Thinkrolls Play & Code is available now on the App Store, and new subscribers get a free seven-day trial to explore all that this fun and exciting tool has to offer.

This is a sponsored post by Avokiddo for Thinkrolls Play & Code.

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