GeekDad: Kickstarter Alert: Tego Is the One Portable Roll-and-Go Travel Bag to Rule Them All


Here’s a caveat to this post: I met Parker, the mastermind behind Tego, back in a short period when we were both working for Make. Parker was a passionate member of the maker community, so it was no surprise that when we both had to move on, he would go out and actually create something that would make peoples’ lives easier.

Fast forward to today, and the third generation of his Tego product line hits Kickstarter. Five years after the first model (which I loved with its rugged canvas and leather aesthetic), the Tego is now a transformer-like multi-tool for carrying toiletries, tools, tech accessories, or pretty much anything else you might need to organize and make portable.

The kicker for this new model is the interchangeable system of modules that let you swap out sections of the roll-up bag to facilitate whatever you want to bring with you. Are you taking a quick weekend jaunt? Just keep the toiletry modules and drop your toothbrush and shaving accessories into their slots (waterproof module included). Do you need to manage your adapters and cables? Just swap modules and organize to your USB-filled heart’s content. Or, do you need to run up to mom and dad’s house to do a little home repair? Swap modules and throw all the screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers you might need. And then just roll it all up and hit the road!


So, if you want to take a generational leap past the old school toiletry or make-up bag, really consider pledging for this Kickstarter (which, by the way, met its funding goals inside the first 10 minutes, so you know people love this). At $69 for the early-bird special, you’ll be saving over 30% off the final MSRP, and getting all seven modules. Support Parker, a true maker, and get an amazing bag that will change the way you organize and travel.

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