GeekDad: Review: ‘I Love You More Than My Phone’ by Dante Fabiero


Have you ever been sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone, when you look over and your dog is looking at you with Those Eyes? The ones that say, “I’m here and you’re not petting me.” You set your phone down, start scritching the belly or between the ears, and magically life is just that much better.

If you’ve ever experienced this, then I Love You More Than My Phone is the book for you.

What is I Love You More Than My Phone?

I Love You More Than My Phone is the second offering of Slothilda comics in print. Slothilda is a cartoon series by Dante Fabiero, which started online and is now in two volumes of printed hilarity. The first book was reviewed here and while it’s also great, you don’t need it to enjoy this collection.

Abby doesn’t always love holding up the book. Photo: Angela Leach

In my review of Slothilda, I am grateful that Peanut has his own chapter in the book. I am even happier now that he has his own book. Peanut is such a bright spot in Slothilda’s life, just as my dogs are in mine. Even when their antics aren’t quite as funny at the time (like when someone stole the sliced cheese I was preparing for my sandwich the other day), I can never stay upset for long because as memes frequently tell us, we humans don’t deserve dogs.

Who is I Love You More Than My Phone For?

While anyone can enjoy I Love You More Than My Phone, it’s definitely best suited for dog lovers, and even more so for those who share my mild obsession with corgis. As a parent to a (part) corgi, every comic had me looking over at the sleeping furball on the couch and either nodding or laughing or both.

Considering the introduction refers to Peanut as a “stumpy-legged goober”, I expected accuracy in the portrayal of pups. I was not disappointed. The book covers everything from what we refer to in my house as Mandatory Belly Rubs, to food sneaking, to ridiculous amounts of shedding and bed hogging as well.

I love my dog, even when she covers my couch with fur. Photo: Angela Leach

Just because Peanut is a corgi, though, doesn’t mean I Love You More Than My Phone is only for corgi lovers. Any dog who loves snacks, naps, stealing the comfy places in the house, and generally being cute is well represented by these pages. Heck, even some cats might.

Why I Love You More Than My Phone Belongs in Your Library

If you have a dog who rules their territory like our pups, this book is for you. If you love dogs, especially corgis, this book is for you. But perhaps even more than those two things, if you enjoy gentle, family friendly humor, I Love You More Than My Phone is the perfect book to have on a coffee table to pick up for a giggle.

If you’re reading her the book and laughing, she disapproves even more. Photo: Angela Leach

I love Peanut. And I love that Peanut reminds me how much more I love my dogs than my phone. I think you would love this reminder too, especially since this humor has nothing bad to say about anyone, and that’s refreshing too.

Get Your Own Copy of I Love You More Than My Phone

I Love You More Than My Phone is available at several book retailers, including Amazon for only $8.56.

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