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Dewzi: Portable Earth-Friendly Hygiene


Dewzi is the latest in personal hygiene that is earth-friendly and reusable.

I received the Dewzi Portable Hygiene Kit ($55) to check out and I’m impressed. The kit I received came with:

  • 200 Handi wipe tablets
  • Handi travel dispenser (each holds five tablets)
  • Two Handi travel wipe tablet cases
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

It starts with small wipe tablets which are placed in a refillable dispenser. In the dispenser in a separate compartment is water or liquid hand sanitizer (your choice). You take a tablet from the bottom of the dispenser, place it in the top compartment, and pump your liquid of choice onto the tablet. The tablet then becomes a wipe that is made of earth-friendly materials. It’s tough enough to wipe down surfaces around the house and gentle enough to use on your skin. The wipes are made with OEKO-TEX, a certified medical-grade cloth and are scent-free, germ-free, and biodegradable.

I found three downsides to the dispenser. First, you need to be careful when filling the liquid compartment. If you don’t screw it on just right, the pump will get stuck on itself and not pump the liquid onto the wipe. Second, it takes about five or 10 pumps of liquid to get the right wetness on the wipe and, because of this, you have to refill the liquid before you’d need to refill your tablets. Lastly, the lid to the dispenser comes off easily so this isn’t something I would just throw in my backpack and go. I’d put it in a compartment by itself or in a baggie.

The cost of 200 tablets by themselves is $24.95 and you get a price break from there the more you buy. You can get up to 600 tablets for $64.95.

The cost of the kit is $55 or four interest-free payments of $13.75 with Sezzle. I like that they offer the Sezzle option for payment because it helps break down costs when you need it. Shipping is free to the continental U.S., including Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S Virgin Islands, and military APO/DPF/FPO addresses.

It should be noted that you don’t need the Handi wipes travel dispenser to use the wipes. Just tap about 2 tablespoons of water on a wipe tablet and it will activate. The dispenser is great for theme parks, grocery stores, restaurants, and other places you find yourself going. I can definitely see myself taking this with me to Walt Disney World.

The wipes are great for cleaning your hands and various surfaces but they are also reusable and sweeper mop compatible for cleaning on the go. I found they were quite durable and I actually felt bad about throwing them away. 

If you are looking for an Earth-friendly solution to hygiene on the go, check out Dewzi. The cost is reasonable and the product unbeatable. 

Disclaimer: GeekMom was sent a review sample.

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