Easy ‘Cobra Kai’ Inspired Candy Holder Crafts


Are You Team Miyagi-Do or Team Cobra Kai?

Unlike the movies that inspired it, Cobra Kai consistently tests your allegiance. Both sides are at times worthy of respect, and at other times can be very disappointing.

Either way, they both have their own definite style from Miyagi-Do’s organic natural appeal to Cobra Kai’s more industrial-military discipline.

Whatever team you or yours is on, there is a way to show them you care this Valentine’s Day or any time you need a small gift with an easy little DIY candy holder inspired by the two main dojos* in the hit series Cobra Kai.

A little wire bonsai tree is the simple centerpiece for a Miyagi-Do candy dish.

Miyagi-Do Wire Bonsai

Using floral or beading wire, make a bundle of about six inches long. It takes about 20 to 30 pieces of wire to make good size trunk. Use a pair of needlenose pliers and twist it tight in the middle, leaving the wires on both ends loose.

Twist the main bundle of wires and divide each end into smaller “branches.” Do the same for each branch, and, eventually, it will create a more tree-like shape.

Divide each end into about three bundles and twist those a little way. Keep dividing each smaller bundle into smaller bundles to make roots on one end.

String a couple of beads over each small branch, and use pliers to twist each one around in a circle to resemble little bundles of “leaves.”

On the “branches” end, string small green beads over the branches, and form loops (as pictured). Twist into smaller branches as desired to get a small “tree” shape.

Use a glue gun to attach the “roots” to the inside of a plastic or metal jar lid. The tree “trunk” and jar lid can be painted if you want to change the color. Fill around the trunk with small candy pieces (little hard candy hearts or M&Ms candies work well).

Once the candy is gone, fill it with beads, sand, or rocks for a little shelf top display.

Cobra Kai Mini “Tactical Locker” style box

Any small box will work for a Cobra Kai candy container. All images: Lisa Tate

Find a small cardboard box (about the 4 X 4 X 6 is fine), and paste some self-adhesive pearls (find these with scrapbooking items) along the edges so it looks like metal rivets. Paint it light grey, and you have a little “metal” box.

Here’s the most time-consuming part: cut out the military stencils with a utility knife of the Cobra Kai mantra: “Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.” or use this linked template here the size you need. You don’t have to recut every letter. Each stencil shape can be used more than once.

If you don’t want to spend too much time doing this (or if working with younger crafters), there are different style and size pre-cut stencil packs (and letter stickers) you can find with office or school supplies.

Paste stick-on pearls on a cardboard box, paint grey or silver, and stencil on your motivation for a Cobra Kai box.

Stencil the phrase on the side of the box in black letters, and fill the box with candy. This can be refilled with candy, paper clips, or other small items.

I added a couple of printed out logos from the dojos to each DIY, but you don’t need these to get the effect.

I think what is appealing about Cobra Kai is that, besides giving “Gen X” parents a chance to enjoy some nostalgia with a show that also appeals to the interests and styles of new generations, there are plenty of lessons we can learn about friendship and loyalty. These include making sure to get more than one side of a story before making any rash judgments, realizing everyone has a history that has shaped who they are (most everyone has redeemable, good qualities as well as their bad points), and just because we have tragedy in our lives, we don’t have to turn into a reason to treat others just as poorly.

Most of all, good old school karate is always awesome.

Even when it is a show about high-kicking rivals, there is still a lot to love, and Valentine’s Day is all about love.

*I will have to think of a DIY for Eagle Fang in the future.

Fill the bonsai dish with gravel or small pebbles for display anytime.
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