GeekDad: Videos from Father Goose, Bright Siders, and Twinkle


Father Goose keeps busy with his gaggle, including son IRiE Goose. Their new song, “You Silly Goose,” furthers his message of fun, family inclusion. The Grammy winning “king of the dance party” will help listeners work off any extra winter weight from sugar cookies, with this (free downloadable) tune. I guarantee that your kids will know most of the lyrics – they’re from popular children’s nursery rhymes (he does call himself Father Goose, so you know Mother Goose has to be close by). The only kind of house parties are private parties right now, except by Zoom. Goosehut has taken the opportunity to deliver the soundtrack to any (socially distanced) junior rave. Here’s the video:

Helping children connect to their emotions is especially important in these times of pandemic. Together, Nashville-based songwriter Kristin Andreassen and Brooklyn-based child psychiatrist Kari Groff have created the Bright Siders expressly to address this difficult situation. The duo have a CD entitled “A Mind Of Your Own,” coming in 2021. A video for the track, “The Moon and the Stars and Me,” was inspired by a conversation that Andreassen had with Dr. Groff’s daughter about being afraid of the dark. Here is the song that evolved from that discussion, featuring Kristin with co-producer Chris Eldridge:

Los Angeles children’s personality Twinkle produces daily bilingual musical education videos on her YouTube channel (also available on Instagram, but many parents limit their kids to the ‘Tube). Her new power-pop English/Spanish singles are “Mask It Up” and “Mascara,” related to (obvious) coronavirus, but also about positive self-image and the fun of kids dressing up. You can download the songs through the clickable links in the titles. And here’s a recent episode of her YouTube show. Give your youngster a juice box and some pretzels and it’s their version of Oprah, if Oprah channeled Lady Gaga.


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