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There’s Always Time for a Sticker with the Pipsticks Subscription Service

I’m not one to subscribe to anything monthly. A newsletter maybe; Disney Plus is only paid by the year. I’ve never had cable TV, and aside from one brief flirtation with the Wall Street Journal I get my news online. But Pipsticks may change all of that. Throughout my life, through various hobbies, and passions, one thing has remained a constant; I cannot resist a good sticker. Every few months I find myself on the Pipsticks website perusing the options, contemplating the stand alone purchases, dreaming of opening my mail box to the glory of new stickers. So when they offered to send me a month free for GeekMom, I knew they had me.

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Pipsticks is a sticker subscription service. Yes, that’s right, once a month they will send you a joy filled sticker backed package. Founded by a mom of four who has, like me, been dreaming about stickers since the 80s, the whole idea behind the company is that little things can make a big difference. Whether you keep a list of daily #blessings, linger over your morning coffee, or always stop to take a picture of something beautiful, the last few years has shown me that most us gravitate towards the small moments in our lives that make up the whole. Pipsticks wants to do that in sticker format.

There are four ways of subscribing to Pipsticks, two options for kids and two for adults. Kids Club Classic and Pro Club Classic are both $17.95 per month and come with 15 sheets of stickers a month. Kids Club Petite and Pro Club Petite are $11.95 a month and come with 7 sheets of stickers a month. Both kids club packages come with one giant puffy sticker, and it is as glorious as you could imagine it to be. All subscriptions are worth at least double what you paid and come with other goodies too. You will get access to the Facebook group, if you want to share your love of stickers, and you get Pippy, the Pipsticks magazine if you want to enjoy your love solo. Subscriptions come in 3, 6, and 12 month packages and can be gifted. Shipping is always free.

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One of the things I loved about the collection we got is something that comes with each subscription, a resealable foil envelope to store your stickers. Because what good is a love of stickers without a concurrent love of the things you store them in? It will forever be a regret of my life that I put all my childhood stickers on a dresser that I no longer have, instead of storing and using them in a more permanent situation. Alas Holographic Welsh Dragon from a school trip to Llangollen, I knew him well friends.

The quality of stickers is exceptional. Mrs. Grossman eat your heart out. These are easy to use, easy to reposition and are all impeccably designed and colored. There is no limit to what Pipsticks will put into sticker format. So while you have a standard sheet of birthday balloons and confetti, you also have stickers from the children’s book When Charley Met Emma by Emma Webb in which an imaginative boy named Charley meets a new girl who looks different than he does. The selection we received in our first month contained a few things that everyone wanted, but enough variety to make splitting it up easy enough. And to be clear, if everyone wants the same sticker, mum gets it!

There is also a gift shop on the Pipsticks website. Perhaps you need another sheet of something, perhaps you are looking for that special sticker, or perhaps you just want to check it out a little before diving in with a subscription. There is Washi tape, notepaper, books and planners, and of course stickers. There are currently several sticker Advent Calendars available, as well as a Halloween Countdown. One can only dream that there will be a Thanksgiving countdown in the next few weeks. There are also gift cards, if anyone needed to know what to get me for Christmas.

The daily usage of time that comes with having three kids and a full time job, has long since seen me push my scrapbooking habits off to one side, but stickers? I just can’t quit. A good Christmas sticker especially. And this is a habit that I can happily share with my kids, knowing that no matter what they use up, more will come next month. Now I just need to convince my husband that this subscription service is in my family’s best interest, I wonder if there’s a sticker for that?

GeekMom received one month of Pro Club Classic form Pipsticks to get stuck on.

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