‘Pikwik Pack’: A New Kids Show to Deliver the Sweets

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Let me be straight with you: we need all the joy we can get right now. Anything you give me to watch/play/read that brings me joy will move right up to the top of my to-do list. Most of all, I want things to encourage my kids to bring joy to others. Because we all need a parcel of joy to be delivered directly to our front door. So let’s add a new TV show to my list: Pikwik Pack—a new kids show for our little spawnlings that delivers on the joy! Thank you!

What is Pikwik Pack?

Pikwik Pack is a new show on Disney Junior starting this Saturday, 7 November at 8:30 am ET/PT on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW. Sure, it’s aimed solely at the preschool audience, but right now I’m open to a fresh dose of sweet innocence, delivered by the cutest little hedgehog: Suki.

Pikwik Pack characters

There are four members of Pikwik Pack: Suki is the brave hedgehog (my personal fave). Axel is the enthusiastic raccoon, along with Tibor the hippo, and Hazel the cat. All of this brought to you in bright, happy colors and easy-going 2D animation. This pack of friends likes to deliver packages of joy to various neighbors around town. Simple gifts like telescopes, birthday presents, or even a snow-cone. Each episode has a different parcel and a small problem-solving element to it.

What’s the appeal?

As with many kids shows, you know there is going to be a fair serving of super-sweetness. Remember: it’s aimed at the preschoolers. However, that does not mean it is brain-numbing. What I love about this show is the message: the importance of community, responsibility, and working as a team.

There are plenty of little learning bits in each episode. The mail doesn’t just materialize on your doorstep. There is a process for managing the mail, navigating with directions, learning about your area, and the greatest foe of all: THE WEATHER. Face it, folks, during the COVID-19 lockdowns we all gave our delivery services plenty of extra work. Now is the time to show the kids what it means to have a parcel delivered. It’s more than a sweet show on Disney; this is an acknowledgment of all the friendly delivery people bringing us the goods!

Pikwik Pack transport

Everyone loves receiving gifts in the mail. Pikwik Pack shows kids how these deliveries can bring a community together. And right now, we all need a few more messages about bringing the community together. If I could send a big GeekMom parcel of hugs to y’all right now, I would. In the meantime, I can at least send you in the right direction for some wholesome kids shows.

(Do not hold me responsible when the kids want you to play “Make Believe Delivery Service.”)

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