From Witches to Watering Holes: A Spooky Woods Quiz

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Take a little quiz on spooky, woodsy fun. (Then enjoy an easy nature craft.) Image: Lisa Kay Tate

The woods are lonely, dark, and deep… and often the place for mysterious happenings in horror, mystery, and fantasy stories.

Let’s see if I can “trick” you this Halloween weekend with a quiz featuring 10 famous wooden symbols, logs or tree symbolism, hex sticks, runes, amulets, and more.

Afterward, enjoy a little Halloween “treat” DIY bonus of one of these items:


  1. This 1994 found-footage movie featuring these little “stick dolls” (Twanas) became such a cult classic, the small Maryland town where it was filmed was overwhelmed with tourists stealing town signs and causing other damage.
  2. Stick lattice structures, called “Devil Nets” or “Bird Traps,” were partly inspired by a 1970s short horror story, “Sticks” by Karl Edward Wagner, before being featured in this hit series.
  3. Drinks at this book- and movie-inspired theme park pub and restaurant that feature these witchy symbols over the entrance door include Pumpkin Fizz and Gillywater.
  4. A creepy “stick and bone creature” some thought might be a Jersey Devil was seen in the opening credits (but not in the show) of the third season, “Coven,” of this anthology series.
  5. A “little stick” the resembled a divining rod was used by Lucifer to channel his powers while he was trapped in a certain demon’s lair on this long-running television series.wood2
  6. This series made use of the powers of a log that possibly bears a psychic connection to character Margaret Lanterman, who seems able to channel visions through it.
  7. This mystery, spooks, and folklore filled animated series has several tree- and wood-centric visuals and gags including Log Land theme park and the log-shaped “Greasy’s Diner.”
  8. This big burning Pagan effigy is the title figure of a critically acclaimed 1973 horror folk movie and a 2006 remake.
  9. The big, flower-covered, and rune-adorned wooden Maypole was a central part of the celebration in this Ari Aster horror movie.
  10. In addition to the “tree-shaped door,” the circle of trees in this movie also had doors to other worlds shaped like an egg, heart, turkey, pumpkin, and shamrock.

How well did you do? Check the answers here

Bonus Craft:

Hope you “nailed” it, but even if you didn’t here’s a little eerie nature craft inspired by the famous “stick dolls” from the Blair Witch Project movies:

Find four small sticks: glue two in a perpendicular “plus sign” and two in an “X” shape.

Take four equal size sticks, make one a “plus sign” and one an “X,” and place one over the other to form a little stick figure.

Glue two ends of the X to the arms of the plus sign, and glue the bottom end of the plus sign to the X where it hits the crossed area of the sticks. Cut or break the end off if it sticks out a little.

Use some brown embroidery thread or string to cover the glued areas and make it look more rustic. Add some floral moss, grass, or more string to the ends and the glued area to embellish it.

Glue a small magnet or pin back to turn it into an accessory or decoration… but it might not be a bad idea to leave these alone if you see one on a lonely trail in the Maryland woods.

Make a little Blair Witch Project stick man as a pin or magnet. Image: Lisa Tate
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