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Today’s normal doesn’t always let you take flowers to someone you love or want to acknowledge. Sure you can order roses from the florist and have them delivered, but why settle for normal roses when you can have something extra special from RosePops. Rose Pops are preserved roses that smell wonderful and last up to a year. Your loved one will get it in a special box that you can pick out, along with a message on the inside of the box that you can personalize. You can order as little as a single rose and as many as a dozen.

I have mine on my desk and enjoy picking them up to take a break and “smell the flowers.”

There are quite a few personalization options (some at an additional cost) including vinyl name/message on the box itself, charm, photo on the box or in the message, the material the box is made of, and the color rose(s) you want to send.

Pop goes the roses. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Rose Pops start at $28 for a single rose and go up to $150 for a dozen.

Now I know what you’re thinking…the cost of an average dozen roses will run you roughly $12 (in my area at least). And the average rose will live up to seven days. If you wanted fresh smelling roses in your home for a year, you’d have to spend roughly $625 per year. You can get a dozen fresh smelling roses that will last you an entire year for $150 through RosePops. I don’t know about you, but I know where my money would go.

And for those thinking of popping the question, you can get a special RosePop that lets you place the ring right in the box with the roses for a special surprise. 

And the roses lasting a year isn’t even the best part. The best part is you can’t kill them because they don’t require plant food or water. Score one for the team.

So the next time you are wanting to express your admiration or appreciation for someone, check out RosePops.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was sent a review sample.

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