Build the Biggest Stack of Coins to Win the ‘Crown War’


crown war gameCrown War is a fast paced game of trick-taking based on royal coins that’s easy for kids, and fun for the whole family.

What Is Crown War?

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Crown War is a game for two-to-four players, ages five and up, and takes about 10 minutes to play. It’s based on the classic card game War, but brings some new twits that make the game even more exciting. It’s available now on Amazon and you can save 20% off with the code 20OFFCROWN.

Crown War Components

crown warThe game comes with 60 premium-quality tokens that are stored in a custom crown-shaped container.

How to Play Crown War

You can download a copy of the rulebook here.

The Goal

The goal of the game is to amass the tallest stack of coins when they all run out.


crown war setupMix the coins and place them on the table, facing down.


crown war turnAll players pick 1 coin simultaneously. The player with the highest value coin wins the round, and collects their friends’ coins. If two or more players have the same denomination coins, they take another coin, until one wins the turn and takes all the coins from that turn. There are also special coins, like the King, the Queen, the Jack, the Joker, and Bankruptcy that cause other crazy outcomes.

Game End

crown war winnerWhen all coins in the center are gone, or when there are fewer coins than the number of players, compare players piles. The player with the highest pile wins the game! It is recommended to play 5 games in a row, and the winner in most games is The Champion.

Why You Should Play Crown War

Crown War is an easy game to pick up, quick to play, and fast-paced. It has more randomness than strategy, so younger kids will have an even chance of winning, making it fun for family members of all ages. It’s easy to take with you on the road, or just bring out as a palette-cleanser between more involved games.

Crown War is available on Amazon and you can save with our 20% off code 20OFFCROWN.

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