Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending April 3, 2020


Here is the board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending April 3, 2020.

Gaming News

  • Jeremy Howard from Jambalaya Plays Games is doing a board game giveaway online. You can check out our post on it for details.
  • While a lot of smaller Kickstarters are struggling or canceling, a few big ones continue to do well. Case in point: Frosthaven, the highly anticipated sequel to Gloomhaven, raised over $2M within its first few hours and as of this writing is quickly approaching $6M.
  • Plaid Hat is running a series of blog posts going into every detail of Forgotten Waters.
  • Z-Man has released Love Letter: Sendera modern remake of the classic card game that focused on online dating. And best of all, they’re have made it available as a free print-and-play, which you can download from their website.
  • Z-Man has also released a statement on Pandemic and the real pandemic, which includes an announcement that they are waiting to announce any future titles in the game until after the crisis ends.
  • CMON has announced that they will be bringing Ankh: Gods of Egypt to Kickstarter later this month, and they have released their long-out-of-print title Xenoshyft as a print-and-play.
  • River Horse has joined many of its competitors in the decision to pause production of its games until the pandemic has passed. Their warehouse, which is operated by a different company, will remain open for now, which means that their web store is remaining open, but that, of course, is subject to change.
  • Fantasy Flight has announced that all new product releases scheduled for April have been halted, which will have a “cascading effect, moving all announced products back at least one month.” They have said they will announce a more complete updated released schedule soon.
  • Brian Blume, one of the co-founders of TSR who helped finance the original print run of D&D, has passed away at age 70.

GeekDad and GeekMom Reviews

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads played this week:

  • Jonathan Liu played Intrepid, MetroX, Quarantine, and Dialect
  • Michael Knight played 7 Wonders, Carcassonne, and For Sale.
  • Michael Pistiolas played Marvel Champion, Unicorn Glitterluck: A Party for Rosalie, Zoowaboo, and Magic: the Gathering.
  • Robin Brooks played Ganz Schon Clever, Go Nuts for Donuts, Tiny Epic Tactics, and Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave.
  • I played Codenames (our featured image this week) and Wits and Wagers.

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