See the Famous Back Side of Water With the ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer


Jungle Cruise trailer

As a devoted Disneyland junkie, the Jungle Cruise ride is a never-miss for me and my family every time we visit (usually a couple times a year). By now, we know all the jokes, but that doesn’t matter, because the ride continues to be charming, hokey, and a nod to the innocent fun and adventure of childhood imagination. Which is also the vibe I’m getting from this trailer for the new big budget movie adaptation of the ride.

It doesn’t hurt that Dwayne Johnson is playing the captain; I cannot wait to hear him spout any of the jokes from the ride. And Emily Blunt can do no wrong these days, so the duo together looks like a blockbuster team. I’m looking forward to this quite a bit – not the least of which because I’ll be at Disney World this Summer with the family, and I know there will likely be some stuff going on at the ride there to celebrate the opening.



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