Mini Mini Minigolf – ‘Geekasaurus’

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Today I could have cleaned the house, or I could have made a giant minigolf course in our living room by shifting the mess around on the floor and played with my kid. I decided to play with my kid.

My golf club was a crayon shaped toothbrush. Alice had a wooden xylophone mallet. We made a course from toys and wooden blocks and used the balls from Mr. Bucket as our golf balls. She’s nearly 3 and understands taking turns. She doesn’t understand not being on the same team, so every time a ball went in the cup, “we” won together. It was nice to see her get super excited.

I could have done a million things today. Worry. Check Facebook constantly. Watch the news. Meal prep. Start a garden. Tie my hands behind my back so that I stop touching my face. Instead, I enjoyed spending time with my daughter. And made brownies. After all, we have to eat.

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