Kickstarter Alert: Vext Slim Wallet Is a Stylish Way to Keep Your Cards and Cash Handy


Vext Slim Wallet

Access cards and cash with one-handed ease; the Vext slim wallet looks and works great. On Kickstarter now for as low as $30!

Vext Slim Waller

I used to be an old-school trifold wallet person. Between cards and cash, my wallet would become a massive lump in my back pocket, stretching out the fabric and sometimes becoming painful to sit on. This is why the slim wallet trend has made me so happy. Forcing myself to Marie Kondo what I’ve got in my pocketses has given me joy. So, I’m a sucker for and new slim wallet that comes along, and when Vext offered me one to try out, I took them up on it.

The Vext looks great, but what I love about it is the ability to use it one-handed. You can pull it out of your pocket, shuffle through your cards with your thumb, and then swipe the one card you want out. You don’t need to unfold or unclip anything.

Vext Slim Wallet

It’ll carry up to 9 cards, depending upon size. I found it comfortable with the 7 I included. Plus, there’s an elastic band on the back you can use for a bit of cash and even a folded-over pocket where you can stash a key, SD card, or whatever you need. It’s perfect for the person who wants to keep their load-out simple and clean.

Vext Slim Wallet

There are versions in aluminum in black, silver, or rose, or a very cool carbon fiber. The Kickstarter campaign is active for the next three weeks, so check it out and get your hands on one!

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