My Arcade Retro Champ Portable NES/Famicom Player Available Now!


Retro Champ

After a seemingly interminable wait, the Retro Champ portable NES/Famicom player from My Arcade is now available for purchase. For real!

Announced last January at CES 2019, the Retro Champ promised authentic console gaming on the go for both your beloved Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges and your prized Famicom imports—with no need to fuss with adaptors. Now you can bring home its dual cart slots, 7-inch color screen, and 3-5 hour playtime for a mere $79.99.

Or, if you’re more interested in taking advantage of the Champ’s television output capabilities, you can take advantage of the Retro Champ Premium Bundle that also includes two wireless Super GamePad controllers and a 12-foot HDMI cable for $109.99.

Just make your choice soon, as these things are all but guaranteed to fly off the proverbial shelves!

Retro Champ bundle

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