Rebecca Angel and Pirate Carols

The Original Pirate Carols

Rebecca Angel and Pirate Carols
Image By Rebecca Angel

Back around 2007, I started writing pirate Christmas carols for fun. I’d write one stanza and then ask friends to write some more until we had a full song. Sometimes, I just wrote one myself because I was so inspired. I forced my band to sing them with me at performances during the season. In 2011, when GeekMom was on Wired, I published the lyrics for a wider audience. I posted many times about how to make parodies with Christmas songs, last year one all about MCU female Avengers to “Rudolph,” even a tutorial for your kids.

I’ve never noticed anyone actually singing my parodies anywhere over the years. But, this year, I’ve been seeing some of my pirate carol lyrics being tossed about the internet-seas. While any good pirate acknowledges well-crafted pillaging, I wouldn’t mind some credit. Here’s one that hasn’t been looted yet:

The Pirate Was a Gentlemen
(To the tune of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)
The pirate was a gentleman when he took all my loot.
His smile was quite debonair, a shine upon his boot.
“Sweet lady, give me all your coins. I’d really hate to shoot.
Many thanks, this encounter’s been a joy, been a joy.
Many thanks, this encounter’s been a joy.”

Here’s a link to the original downloadable PDF of Pirate Carols including “Walk the Plank” (to “Winter Wonderland”).

And finally, a live recording of myself and my band singing “No Ale” (to the tune of “Noel”).

Merry Christmas, ye scallywags!

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