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New Disney Parks Costumes Spoil ‘Frozen 2’ For Fans

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With Frozen 2‘s release last Friday, Disney has announced that Elsa and Anna would be greeting guests in their new Frozen 2 outfits starting the same day the movie was released. One problem, but before I get into that, first, a warning…

!!SPOILER WARNING!! Do not read any further if you have not seen the movie!! I will not explicitly say how the photos spoil the movie, but you will probably figure it out for yourself.

Ready? Okay. I warned you. At the end of this post, I have a video released by Disney of the new Frozen 2 costumes. Watch at your own risk. Elsa’s costume is not so much a spoiler but Anna’s gives away at least two plot points of the film.

To prove a point that the photos are indeed spoilers, GeekMom Sophie looked at the photos for me before seeing the movie. She privately gave me her thoughts on what happens based purely on the outfits and guess what? She was right.

Personally, I have nothing against the new costumes. What I am though is amazed Disney debuted the new outfits so soon. As a former Disney entertainer, I understand that characters change in their movies and their character representations in the park should match but I’m stunned this was approved this early considering the drastic changes that were made to both characters.

Speaking as a former entertainer I can tell you that when something like this happens, the costumes are not the only thing that changes. Sometimes it’s the character’s mannerisms, the way they are talked to by the cast members around them. And how are they asking the greeter (character attendant) to introduce the characters now? All of that could also give a major plot point away.

Other than the potential spoiler effect of the photos, the new outfits have received some backlash.

Some people claim their child will not recognize Anna without her braids and cape. Others feel that Elsa’s blue dress was more iconic to the character and shouldn’t be changed just because in the sequel her outfit makes a transformation. The backlash was so much in one Facebook group, people hoped Disney would reverse their decision if enough people complained.

Now some might say I should “let it go” but it’s hard to do so when avoiding spoilers has become such a difficult thing with the internet. Even soundtrack titles are sometimes held back until the movie is released to avoid spoiling a movie. The rule of thumb is a week or two. Disney would have lost nothing by delaying the debut of the costumes that long.

Note to Disney. In the future, think before you act when it comes to character costumes and park representation based on a movie’s sequel. Your fans will thank you.

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