Sphero Rolls Out Mini Soccer and Mini Activity Kits

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It should come as no surprise to anyone: GeekMom and GeekDad are huge fans of Sphero Educational Toys.

From the latest-and-greatest Kickstarter for the Sphero RVR to the ever-popular ‘Force Band’ and BB-8. Sphero is now rolling out their latest robotic toys, Sphero Mini Soccer and Sphero Mini Activity Kit. And yes–I love them just as much.

Sphero Mini-Soccer


Sphero Mini Soccer

It’s been a few months since we had RoboCup fever in our house but the vibe is still going strong; both at school and at home. The kids love the idea of learning about robotics through soccer.

Clearly Sphero recognizes a good thing and has come up with Sphero Mini Soccer. Mini Soccer was born from Sphero’s best selling robot, Sphero Mini–the cute robot toy that looks just like a flashy little ball and holds all the robotic magic for so much more.

Mini Soccer is even better. The app-enabled robotic ball is now shaped with a soccer ball theme and a new set-up, including eight miniature cones to create challenges and training routines. Using the Play app, users can set up their own training style to create and explore with robotic movement. While it is heaps of fun for the kids, it is also teaching them the basics through the Kick Drive and the Block Drive–essential skills if your kids want to try out for RoboCup 2020 and their soccer competition!

Sphero Mini Soccer

If you’re new to Sphero, it is a fairly easy-to-use interface and a smooth introduction to coding. The programming elements are accessible in a similar click-and-drop style to Scratch while the app itself is used via your smartphone. You can start at ‘Draw and Drive’, move up to Block-based programming, and eventually find yourself learning JavaScript.

Sphero Mini Soccer

Sphero Mini Soccer is available on the Sphero website and in select global retailers now, for around $49.99.

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

Now, before you run off and buy the Mini Soccer, you should really check out the other ‘Mini’ offering: The Sphero Mini Activity Kit.

This is the kind of kit that works brilliantly with the most creative and adventurous minds. If you have a little maker in the family who loves to build mazes and traps and obstacle courses, then this is their toy. I have already tripped over the EG Labyrinth six times over the last weekend. And not once have I found a piece of cheese at the end!!

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

The Sphero Mini Activity Kits are retailing around $79.99 on the Sphero website and include the original Sphero Mini Robot, a 28-piece construction set, and 15 activity cards. All controlled through the Sphero Play and Edu Apps, kids can manoeuvre through these challenges and games through driving mode or use their Mini Robot as a controller.

I love the activity kit for the adventurous element it adds to play.

We still have learning and robotics and flashy lights but now my kids are looking at the entire apartment (and some of the backyard) as an expansion for the Sphero Mini Robot. And while I may be losing a bit of my personal space when they program Sphero to roll over my foot again, I absolutely love the fun they have with it.

The ‘drive’ component of the Sphero Mini is easy to learn; my 6-year-old is far better than I am at avoiding the ‘abyss-under-the-couch’. In fact, I noticed the dexterity and co-ordination needed for controlling the robotics are really smooth compared to other robotics-toys I have played with. Sphero appears to have smoothed out some of the jerky-responses I have experienced elsewhere.

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