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Sugarfina: Tasty Treats In Nintendo Style

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Sugarfina Nintendo
Artwork via Sugarfina.

The best swag I brought home from Comic-Con in San Diego last month wasn’t clothing or games or videos or comics.

It was candy.

More precisely, a gift box from Sugarfina of Nintendo-themed candy, in Super Mario Bros.-themed gift boxes.

Gifts for gamers have traditionally been centered on the games themselves, or accessories, or plushies, or some themed item. But gourmet candy? And awesome candy at that packaged in a way to delight gamers? That’s a level up, if you’ll excuse the pun.

The box being opened in the above video is the 3-piece-Nintendo-Entertainment-System console box. It contains three cubes from one of six different Super Mario Bros.-themed Sugarfina candy items that you can choose from when you order the box, which will cost $30 plus shipping. A little pricey for candy, yes, but as a gift, the presentation is stellar. There’s also a two-piece Nintendo Entertainment System controller box for $20, and even single cubes for $7.50 each.

The candy cubes of the Super Mario Bros. collection include Mario invincible stars (star gummies w/pineapple flavor, Luigi green mushrooms (mushrooms w/ green apple flavor), Toad red mushrooms (mushrooms w/cherry flavor, Princess Peach pearls (milk chocolate droplets coated in white and pink cand shells), Bowser chocolate eggs (vanilla marshmallow dipped in chocolate & coated with candy), and Goomba chocolate caramels (caramels with dark chocolate coating).

Sugarfina Nintendo
The Super Mario Bros. themed candy cubes

Of course, I had to taste test them alll. As someone who isn’t a big fan of gummy candies, I found these gummies to be fresh, squishable, and tasty. As for the chocolate confections, it’s high-quality chocolate and I think I may be ruined for M&Ms after the Princess Peach pearls.

There was a full gift box of the 3-cube console box, the 2-cube NES controller, and a single cube covered by the question mark but that seems to be sold out on Sugarfina’s site.

Still, they are available separately, and would make an excellent gift for the Super Mario Bros./Nintendo fan among your friends and family.

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  1. You definitely won in the press swag contest among us! My family is still contemplating the 12″ SpongeBob figurine I brought home, wondering where he’s going to go…

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