10 Things You Should Not Take On Your Next Cruise

10 Things You Should Not Take on Your Next Cruise

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10 Things You Should Not Take On Your Next Cruise
10 Things You Should Not Take On Your Next Cruise \ Image: Dakster, Pixabay

There’s plenty of things you should take with you on your next cruise. Swimsuits, water shoes, sunscreen, hats…but there is an equal number of items you should avoid taking. Here are my top 10 things you should not take on your next cruise!

Item 1. Towels

Most cruise lines provide you with your own towels for excursions, the pool, and your room. There’s no need for this item to take up space in your suitcase.

Item 2. A Different Outfit for Each Day

When packing your clothes, think coordinating separates. Don’t pack a different pair of pants and shirt for every day. If one pair of pants will go with two different shirts, go with it. The rule of thumb is to get out what you want to take and then reduce it by half. Staples include jeans, tennis shoes, a light jacket, shorts, and a few matching shirts. If you plan on dressing up for the formal night, take an outfit that can go from day to night with a few accessories.

Item 3. Gifts for the Staff

I’ve heard some people ask, “What can we give our room host/hostess as a thank you?” The answer isn’t some trinket, it’s cash. They live an itty bitty space and don’t have the space for odds and ends that are not necessary. Candy can sometimes be welcome, but cash is always your best bet.

Item 4. Surge Protector

This is a contraband item. I won’t pretend to know why but I’ve heard it has something to do with the ship’s electrical and fire-starting potential. Instead, grab a USB hub that you can plug multiple USB plugs into.

Item 5. Hair Dryer

Most cruise lines have these in their room so there is no need to bring one along. If your room doesn’t have one by default, ask your room steward and they can help you out.

Item 6. Homemade Food

The only food you can bring on board must be prepacked and sealed before getting on the ship. That means those Cool Ranch Doritos you enjoy are fine to pack, just make sure they are not in ziplock baggies and pre-portioned out before you board.

Item 7. Shoes/Clothing You Have Not Worn Before

The last thing you need on a cruise is blisters. Make sure to try out your shoes, swimsuit, and other clothing items before you cruise. Nothing like getting on the boat to find out you packed something uncomfortable or that doesn’t fit.

Item 8. Anything Prohibited by the Cruise Line

Look up your cruise line’s prohibited items list. Disney, for instance, bans musical instruments. Many cruise lines ban irons, coffee makers, and inflatables for the pool. No matter how strange the banned items may seem, stick to them to avoid having your luggage be delayed getting to your room. If you are vacationing somewhere else before your cruise and will be carrying something prohibited, just make sure to be ready to surrender it to guest services until the end of the cruise.

Item 9. Books

Don’t get mad at me here. I love a good book as much as the next person, but don’t bring the entire Hunger Games series. The cruise ship will have plenty of things to keep your interest and you won’t have as much downtime as you may think. Instead, bring an e-reader with all the books you could possibly want to read. Just make sure to have them downloaded before you board so you’re not stuck using the ship’s internet package to get your books.

Item 10. Toys

Toys are great for keeping the kids entertained, but on a cruise, there will be so much for them to do they will hardly be in the room to play with them. Most cruise lines have a kids club that they can hang out and play with things in there. It’s not a bad idea to bring a stuffed friend or a toy you can live without if it gets lost, but don’t bring the toy box.

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