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Geek Links: Experience Apollo 50th in Real Time (Or On Your Own Time)


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Want to be fully immersed in this week’s history lessons? Want your kids to see what the big deal is? Want to zone out waiting for voices to crackle to life on a dark screen because you can’t bear to fast forward when it’s supposed to be a “real time” experience (speaking personally)? Go to and see and hear everything that was sent or recorded between Apollo 11 and Mission Control exactly 50 years ago this minute. Any photos, any videos, anything anyone said into a microphone is displayed for you in real time. You can even switch between soundtracks to focus on one controller or another. Want to focus on the good stuff? You can skip around in time—highlights are marked in the timelines at the top of the screen—straight to the moon itself if you want. Go ahead! Take your seat at NASA and experience history as it is (was) made!

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