‘Chronicles of Zelaria’ Limited Edition Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift

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Geeky Moms Deserve Geeky Gifts

I’ve been a mother of some form for well over two decades. I have friends who are moms—shocking, I know. Not to belabor the obvious but Mother’s Day comes every year, bringing with it weeks of advertising for chocolates, clothes, and flowers. Only recently, have we started seeing fun, cool, geeky gifts advertised for mothers. Even so, flowers and chocolate seem to still be the go-to gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate but since my oldest could walk, I haven’t had chocolate that didn’t wind up getting “shared” with a kid or my husband. Flowers are pretty but they die, and they aren’t exactly special or unique. I’ve talked with a lot of my mom friends and many of them feel the same way.

The general consensus among geeky moms is that we’d love to get gifts that speak to our passions. LEGO kits, video games, fiction books, anime, comics, and such. Although none of us would turn down a free week of maid service (hint hint), overall we’d like gifts that are unique to our tastes. In my case, variant cover comics are a big win. So when I heard that Peter Smith was set to release his long-awaited comic Chronicles of Zelaria from Crimson Fable Studios and he was doing a signing right before Mother’s Day, my hints changed to a blatant “buy this for me.”

Chronicles of Zelaria Creator Offers Limited Edition Issues at Krum’s World

Peter Smith knows comics. Aside from having been an intern at Marvel Comics where he illustrated comic titles Across the Pond Presents and Government Bodies, Peter teaches animation, comic book illustration, character design, and storyboarding at the Florida Film Academy in Winter Haven, Florida.

Peter’s passion, however, can be seen in his work with Crimson Fable Studios. Here, Peter bends the imagination and brings to life his interpretations of “what is” and “what could be.” Using his unique abilities, Peter crafts the astounding from the distilled essence of good, evil, and the conflict they wage. It is this talent that birthed his current project Chronicles of Zelaria, a comic combines science fiction, steampunk and the magic of fairytales.

I met Peter at my local comic book store, Krums World, where I go weekly to feed my voracious appetite for action and adventure tales told in a sequential art format (also known as comic books). Peter and I chatted as I looked over his art. He was excited and on fire about his story. I was impressed by the art and intrigued by the premise. I picked up a promotional issue of the highly anticipated Chronicles of Zelaria. I enjoyed it enough that I’ll be writing a full review of the title because it was that good.

Peter and I met again this week at Krums World where Saturday, May 11, 2019, he’ll be signing copies of this long-awaited comic from Crimson Fable Studios. Chronicles of Zelaria, which he both illustrates and writes, will be available with the standard cover, as well as a special variant cover available exclusively at Krums World. The variant cover is limited to 100 copies. All copies are autographed by Peter, the artist and creator. Each variant cover issue includes a certificate from Krum’s World Comics and Crimson Fable Studios.

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Whatever You Buy – Make It Unique

I don’t know what you plan to get your mom for Mother’s Day. I mean, if flowers rock her world then please buy her flowers. But make sure you are thinking about what’s she’d like, not what is the easiest for you. It means so much more when women get a gift that shows thoughtful consideration of who we are as people. If she loves movies, take her out—between Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Detective Pikachu, the geek is strong this season. If she likes LEGO, buy her a huge LEGO kit and then make sure she has an entire day to work on it. If she loves comics, enjoys thinks like steampunk, Star Wars, and really good art, then I’d like to recommend you pop by Krums World this Saturday, May 11, 2019. Say “hi” to Peter and buy Mom a limited edition comic. Flowers are so yesterday.

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