Fran Wilde holds a blue glass ball, screenshot from the interview in the post; the cover of Riverland

Skype With Fran Wilde

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Fran Wilde holds a blue glass ball, screenshot from the interview in the post; the cover of Riverland
Fran Wilde will share her glass collection with you if you Skype with her.

Official GeekMom Pet (this is true, check the sidebar–>) Fran Wilde‘s new middle grade novel, Riverland, comes out one week from today (that’s April 9, 2019). My near-12- and near-10-year-old* and I read an advance edition of the book, and reviewed it here last week. Just after that review posted, we had another sneak peek at the making of Riverland, by meeting up with Fran Wilde on Skype and interviewing her!

Both kids came up with questions they wanted to ask Fran, but just before we made the call, the 10yo chickened out, so I took over her questions. The resulting discussion was so fun, though, that even she couldn’t help wandering in eventually to see more.

In our video interview below, you will learn why Fran started writing and why in particular she wrote Riverland; you will learn the importance of rivers in all Fran’s writing (a tidbit she’d never shared in an interview before); you will learn the extent of Fran’s own glassmaking skills and take a tour of her own collection of real-life witch balls; and you’ll get to squee over favorite characters—with some spoilerific discussion saved for the end of the video, so if you don’t want to hear it, you can stop there and still catch most of the rest.

And if you enjoyed that—how would you like to have your OWN Skype discussion with Fran? You’ve come to the right place, because right here, right now, Fran Wilde is giving away a one-hour Skype Author Visit for your whole classroom. You can enter whether you’re a teacher, a student, or the parent of a student. This is a proper Author Visit as she describes here, which a school would usually have to pay for, but not if your entry is chosen randomly through this form:

(Contest Closed)

You might also want to come meet Fran at one of these upcoming appearances (text and links for each of these events found halfway through this post):

Upcoming appearances courtesy Fran Wilde

Don’t forget, if you preorder Riverland through the Doylestown Bookshop, you’ll get some fun book swag, too!

*They both have birthdays coming up in the next two weeks.

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