Kickstarter Alert: Make Your Writing Float and Spin With Hoverpen


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This post was sponsored by Hoverpen.

Hoverpen is a high-quality, magnetically-levitating writing implement that’s as stylish and fun as it is functional.

We geeks love imaginative uses of science injected into our daily lives. For us, technology + whimsy = fun. Which is why the Hoverpen (now on Kickstarter) is a delightful addition to any workspace.

When you think about it, most “executive toys” (like the classic chrome spheres clacking back-and-forth) are pointless time-wasters, even if they apply interesting physics. That’s where Hoverpen makes a difference. It’s actually a useful tool – a high-quality pen made with space-age materials. But it’s also an inspirational bit of desktop fun, using a finely-engineered magnetic base that allows the pen to “magically” stand up without visible supports.

Even more than that, you can poke, prod, and spin the Hoverpen in place to create Inception-like movement that will delight and amaze people. Them pen is made out of titanium, so it’s strong, but lightweight. The cap is magnetic as well, so while you’re using the pen, you can keep the cap safe in the magnetic field of the zinc-alloy base.

Hoverpen Expanded

Inside, the Hoverpen uses standard ball-point pen cartridges, so you can decide what color ink and what feel you want from a huge variety of choices available.

On the outside, Hoverpen is available in a selection of stylish and sleek metallic finishes that will look and feel excellent.

If Hoverpen looks like something you, or someone you know, would love, the campaign is up at Kickstarter now. They estimate that once they fund, production and shipping will take between 4 and 5 months, so you could have your Hoverpen in hand before the end of the year – making it a perfect holiday gift idea.

Hoverpen pledges start at $59 for one pend and stand (this is the Early Bird Special, so get it quick!). If you’d like to learn more and support the campaign, check them out on Kickstarter.

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