DIY Eerie Easter Eggs for a Creepy, Cute Basket

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What’s that hidden in the Easter basket? Creepy little eggs you can make! All images: Lisa Tate

Spring and Easter celebrations always take a turn towards the fluffy and cute, but sometimes we want a departure from the pastels and bunnies. That’s why spookier movies and series come out all year long, not just in the fall.

Surprise those who love the eerier creatures by adding a little creepy hatchling to their basket this year using plastic eggs and polymer clay.

First, draw a little “rip” area in the egg for the creatures peek through. Using a precision knife, cut out a hole. The easiest way to do this to place one half of the egg flat side on the table to steady it so it holds steady. Cheaper, thinner eggs are a little more pliable. This step should be done ONLY by an adult since we’re dealing with a sharp little blade.

egg shell

Everything else that follows is easy for younger crafters.

Add some texture or darker color to the eggs using self-adhesive pearl stickers (often found with scrapbooking supplies). Paint or spray it silver, black, brown, grey, or any color that doesn’t look like a bright, plastic egg.

Now that we have the eggshell, let’s put some weird creatures inside them using bakeable polymer clay. Remember to bake the clay according to its directions before adding it to the egg.

Sea Creature Egg.

For a Sea Creature

Make tentacles by rolling four to six little tubes and taper them off at the end. Use the small round tip of a chopstick or pen to make the “suckers,” and have them come pouring out of one or more holes.

For a Dinosaur or Dragon

Roll three little tubes of clay with tapered ends for claws (just like little versions of the tentacles).” Have them coming out the edge of the hole as if they are breaking out. Use a toothpick to add texture or scales if desired.

dragon egg
Dragon/Dinosaur egg.

Add a peeking eye by placing a plastic eye, marble, or glass pebble painted with an eye pattern on a small patch of clay, and glue it on the inside of the egg.

Start the dragon hand out with little tapered tubes, but smaller and thinner. Place a plastic doll eye or marble in a slab of plastic if you want it “peeking” out.

Leave a little space by curving the edges of the clay up (like a little bowl) so it’s not smashed up against it.

For a Zombie or Thing Hand

Roll five small tubes and place them together, keep the top half separate to create fingers, and smooth the bottom half together for the hand.

Zombie or “Thing” Hand Egg

Shape the ends of each finger to give it knuckles, and use a toothpick to draw on some fingernails. Roll the bottom part of the hand a little to give it wrist and part of an arm.

All eggs will start out with little tapered tubes (left). To make a hand, pinch the ends together, for one fatter hand and wrist, then shape the fingers like you want.

Attach the creatures to the inside of egg with jewel glue a glue gun.

If you don’t want to use polymer, an Aliens-inspired egg can be made by cutting the opening on the egg a little more elongated and painting the egg solid black. Place a small green glow stick or light inside of it to resemble the famous movie poster.

An ‘Alien’ poster tribute egg.

Gather these creepy critters together in a dark-colored basket, or hide them around the house for unsuspecting guests to find.

The bright colors of spring are wonderful, but there is always room for some fun and mild spooks.

What’s hatching in your basket?

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