Clark Kent Soars in This Exclusive First Look at ‘Superman of Smallville’

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This September, writer/artist Art Baltazar and writer Franco Aureliani want to introduce you and your kids to Superman of Smallville! This all-new graphic novel from DC Zoom is a reimagined origin story of the Man of Steel, and we have your exclusive first look at the middle-grade book.

As the team behind Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, Art and Franco are no strangers to creating DC Comics for young readers.

“Wow. Superman!” says Art. “Or more like… CLARK KENT! What can I say. Working on Superman has been the ultimate, ultimate awesome. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and had stories in my brain all my life! Our book is so cool and different and fits into the lore perfectly. He’s Superman from the beginning chapter. No need for a retelling of the origin. You see him right away! BAM! There he is. As the story unfolds, you learn what it takes to turn Clark into a hero. Aw. Yeah.”

Superman of Smallville

Franco shares Art’s excitement. “Telling any Superman story would be cool,” he says, “but the fact that we get to start at the beginning with this younger version and see what it would be like if Superman were to start being Superman today is a true honor! The pure essence of being a superhero is embodied by Superman and everyone knows that. Superman is a great hero because he’s so much more than just that suit that everyone knows! Or do they? Those are the stories we’re excited to tell!”

Superman of Smallville hits bookstore shelves on September 3, 2019, and pre-orders are available now. Check out the synopsis and exclusive preview below!

Can Superman keep Smallville from going to the dogs?

Acts of awesomeness are happening around town. People are being rescued, runaway tractors stopped, and fires extinguished. This is all in a day’s work for the hero known only as “Superman.” But who is he, really?

Thirteen-year-old Clark Kent knows. He has a super-secret—one his parents are constantly worried will get out. Clark promises to be extra careful, but when random objects begin to take flight and disappear, his parents threaten to ground him. Except he’s innocent! If Superman isn’t responsible…who is? Join Clark in this hilarious adventure as he sniffs out the real culprit.

From New York Times-bestselling and Eisner Award-winning creators Art Baltazar and Franco, comes a fun, whimsical story featuring young Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, and of course Clark Kent.

Superman of Smallville Superman of Smallville Superman of SmallvilleSuperman of SmallvilleAll Images: DC Comics / DC Zoom

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