OK Go Wants to Put Your Art Project in Space


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OK Go: Upside Down and Inside Out

OK Go is well-known for their amazing music videos, featuring giant Rube Goldberg machines, trick perspectives, and walls of synchronized printers. Their video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” played around with weightlessness, filmed aboard a reduced-gravity aircraft that flies in a parabolic path. Now they’re challenging kids to come up with their own ideas for zero-gravity art projects—but these will actually go even higher!

The Art in Space contest is open from now until May 6, 2019. You’ll need at least 3 kids (ages 11-18) and an adult sponsor, and an idea. Two winners will be chosen, and their projects will be launched on a Blue Origin spacecraft, with video and photos of the flight provided afterward.

Find out more about the project on the official website, which is part of the OK Go Sandbox, a project that uses OK Go’s music videos as a launching board for learning about STEAM concepts.

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