‘The Stone King #3’ Sneak Preview

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The Stone King #3 Sneak Preview

From MAJK’s Coffee Corner: 

Stone King #3 is due out on February 13th, so if you haven’t read the first two issues, you may want to hop over to ComiXology Unlimited and get caught up quickly. This exciting tale of a good-hearted thief and the mysterious gem that changes her life is more than half done, and it looks like this tale gets more exciting as it goes. Check out this preview we’ve got of The Stone King #3 and be sure to grab your copy on February 13th.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read The Stone King #2 There May Be Spoilers Below

Creative Team:

Writer, Kel McDonald has been working in comics for over a decade, and it shows. The story is well-paced and exciting. The dialogue and interaction between characters gives us a solid sense of not only their personality but of where they fit in this city.

Kel gained much experience from her webcomic Sorcery 101 and organizing the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales anthology series, while contributing to other anthologies like Smut Peddler and Sleep of Reason. If you like her work then you may want to check out her work on the comics Buffy: The High School Years, her creator-owned series Misfits of Avalon for Dark Horse Comics, or her self-published series The City Between.


Although artist Tyler Crook began his art career as a graphic designer and 3D-modeler, he spent twelve years making sports video games, before he switched to illustrating comics. Tyler’s art on The Stone King #3 lends itself well to the story. The muted tones and raw lines communicate so clearly the ragged world of Ave life. The design of the Stone King is impressive with a realistic texture that makes it easy to imagine this enigmatic creature wandering the earth. It’s worth noting that Tyler remains almost completely analog, still drawing and painting on paper because he enjoys the physical process more than working digitally.

Tyler is best known for his work with Cullen Bunn on Harrow County for Dark Horse Comics, which received an Eisner Award nomination for best new series in 2016 and won the best ongoing series Ghastly Awards in 2015 and 2016.


The Story So Far: 

In the first issue of the comic, we met Ave, born into thievery but not a real fan of going through people’s pockets. Ave harvests healing moss illegally from the wandering creature known as the Stone King but on her last trip, she discovered something more.

Convinced the large red gem could change her fortunes, Ave brought it back to RheeBee hoping for the best. RheeBee lied about the stone’s worth but allowed Ave to graduate from picking pocket to cat burglar. A disappointed Ave settled in that night wishing for something more but when The Stone King came looking for his treasure Ave’s world becomes more interesting than she could have imagined.

In the second issue, hunting for his missing treasure, the Stone King began turning the city upside down, demolishing the only home Ave has ever known. Ave manages to save many of the children, but she’s unable to rescue RheeBee.

Captured by the City Guard, and devastated by RheeBee’s death, Ave realizes what the Stone King is after. She enlists the aid of Phul, a city guard, to help her find the missing gem in hopes of calming the Stone King and saving the city from destruction. Finding the gem will be difficult enough, harder still when those Ave has always trusted turn against her.


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Release Date: Available on February 13 2019

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