The Doubleclicks Return with ‘The Book Was Better’


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The Doubleclicks: The Book Was Better
Laser and Aubrey, ready for anything. Photo: Kim Newmoney for The Doubleclicks

Attention, fans of The Doubleclicks: there’s a new album (and tour) coming, and this nerdy musical duo needs your help to make it happen! Head over to Kickstarter to learn about The Book Was Better, which comes after a year-long hiatus in which they tried out the “real world” before deciding that making music and videos for us was a better idea after all.

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If you’re not familiar with The Doubleclicks already, then you’ve been ignoring me, because we’ve written about them many times in the past. They’re from Portland, Oregon, and they sing songs about D&D and dinosaurs and supervillains and big feelings. Some of their songs are hilarious and some are poignant, some are kid-friendly and some have strong language, but they all spring from personal experiences and their love of geeky culture. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable, but there’s strength in the stories that they tell.

The Book Was Better will be a kid-friendly album and they describe it as a comedy album—a bit lighter in tone than some of the songs on their last album President Snakes (or the songs that were shared since that album), but there are still some important topics covered. Laser sings a song to their cat Marzipan, but it’s also about understanding boundaries in a relationship. “Happy Birthday, Nobody Hates You” is a silly song about a serious topic: social anxiety. And for all those of you who create elaborate, witty Halloween costumes that go over everyone’s heads, there’s “Nobody Gets It.”

“I’m Winning” is about videogames as a metaphor for gender. Since the last album, Laser changed their name and came out as non-binary, and the song touches on what it’s like to change the game you’ve been playing. The music video was illustrated and animated by a group of trans, non-binary, and genderqueer artists, and plays with various videogame tropes and styles. (Find out more about the artists and the video here.)

If you like your funny songs with a side of progressive social values (or your progressive social values with a side of funny songs), then you should check out The Doubleclicks! Visit their Kickstarter page for more information or to make a pledge.

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