KB Whirly’s Gentle Serenades and Lilting Lullabies


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Parental love is a powerful, sometimes overwhelming emotion. It can cause you to lose inhibitions, tempers, even friends. But at its core is the most prime of sentiments – protecting the innocent and educating them about the world. Into this maelstrom comes KB Whirly (Keith Wasserman) and his CD of love songs and lullabies for his daughter, Now That We’re Home.

KB Whirly CD
“Now That We’re Home” from KB Whirly

Everyone has encountered that parent who sits in the park, or the subway, or the local non-Schultz-owned coffee shop and regales all with tales of supervising youth; as if these sagas are newly-minted experiences that have never, ever been witnessed or recounted. What bonds us all together as a community is the knowledge that one day, even these parents shall join our ranks, and sit in the park, subway, or beverage shack, and realize “Ah yes, I remember it well.”

I imagine that all color may have drained from Keith’s face (if he hasn’t passed out altogether) but all is not lost! Now That We’re Home is indeed about the organic expansion of the Whirly couple to the Whirly family. The nine songs on the disc, produced by the ever-capable Dean Jones, delve into more sophisticated matters of the heart. What can I do to challenge her without doing too much for her (“What Will You Do”)? Will she grow to love nature (“Come Walk With Me”)? Will she have an imagination (“Valley of Dreams”)?

KB Whirly is (mostly) a one-man band, and the sweet, lyrical nature of Now That We’re Home bodes well for live performances, if young audiences can stay awake. Be forewarned that there’s no peppy dance break or electric guitars or even drums on this release. Keith is enthusiastic and euphemistic with his pro-love agenda. Now That We’re Home is perfect for that late afternoon return drive from a far-off destination, where little passengers can drift off to slumberland with happy memories and a gentle serenade from Mr. Whirly.

Now That We’re Home is available on Friday, February 22 from KB Whirly’s websiteAmazonCDBABY, and Apple Music. Keith will be performing a Facebook Live concert that evening to debut the CD.

Here is the video for Whirly’s song, “Just Us Three”:

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