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What Made ‘Veronica Mars’ Mean So Much To Fans?

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Veronica Mars

With news that Veronica Mars is getting a reboot on Hulu this coming year ,it’s time to explain the appeal to those unfamiliar with the show.

When the Veronica Mars Movie Project went live on Kickstarter in 2013, I was one of the Marshmallows who donated to make the movie happen. That was when I realized that while fans of the show come from every background you can imagine, people who haven’t seen it are baffled by the unending obsession.

In preparation for the coming reboot on Hulu, here’s a short explanation for the uninitiated of why this show resonated with so many kinds of people.

Veronica Mars was a high school girl who woke up the morning after a party and realized she had been roofied and raped the night before. Most teenage girls who have been sexually assaulted or raped feel helpless, but Veronica took that loss of control and condensed it into anger.

Make no mistake: she struggled. She experienced a serious trauma and didn’t get the help she needed. Veronica used her anger as fuel to get through the aftermath of multiple traumas. Watching her figure out what happened while fighting for justice for others at the same time was inspiring and empowering.

She dealt with tragedies in her life, such as her mother’s abandonment and the murder of her best friend. This was not a show where things got tied up in pretty bows at the end of each episode.

Every moment of joy was earned.

And we fans of the show hope to feel that joy again next year.

Veronica Mars
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