‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale’ Hints at Season Two’s Conflicts

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Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale’ image via Netflix.

Many viewers thought they would have to wait until next October before getting to return to Spellman Mortuary and Sabrina’s struggle to balance her mortal and witch lives. Luckily, we have not only gotten a trailer that reveals that season two is coming in April, but we also get to visit the Spellmans during the holiday season and get some hints on what might be developing for next season. For a look at what went down in season one, check out this write-up.

Warning: article contains spoilers for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix series including The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale.

Sabrina Spellman: The titular heroine is clearly still dealing with the fallout from telling her mortal friends and now ex-boyfriend about her witch status. Roz and Susie are coming around, but not quite ready to jump in and participate in the séance that Sabrina wants to undertake to talk with her mother. Several things are weighing on her mind, including why she saw her mother in limbo and if there’s any chance for her and Harvey to get back together. While Sabrina manages to help her mother find peace, she doesn’t get the answer about Harvey she had necessarily hoped for. Diana tells Sabrina that while she followed Edward Spellman on the Path of Night, she wouldn’t guide anyone else down it. Sabrina’s also on better terms with the Weird Sisters now, who are far quicker to join her in her attempts to contact her mother, even if Diana was a mortal.

Harvey Kinkle: Sabrina’s mortal ex-boyfriend is coping as best as he can. His father has hit the bottle pretty hard, and he isn’t certain what to do with his feelings about learning that Sabrina is a witch. Sabrina gifts him some enchanted colored pencils and also tries to help by bringing enchanted eggnog that will make Mr. Kinkle lay off the booze. The eggnog does the trick without any problematic results, but Harvey is still edgy about magic. In fact, he returns the colored pencils to Sabrina telling her that he just can’t trust them. The underlying message that he can’t trust her is obvious and Sabrina is clearly gutted over this. The season two trailer hints at Sabrina being more drawn to Nick Scratch, but also hints that Sabrina and Harvey may not be done quite yet.

Aunt Zelda: A Midwinter’s Tale shows us a softer side of Aunt Zelda as she coos over Leticia, the baby she is hiding from Father Blackwood. She also comes out as far more sympathetic about Sabrina missing her mother than expected. Aunt Zelda is due for an emotional upheaval herself as she concludes that Leticia would be safer if she was sent away.

Roz and Susie: Sabrina’s mortal friends don’t get as much development in this episode, but they each have their place. Roz has another vision via the “cunning” which saves Susie from being demonically dipped and preserved in wax. Susie is also okay with her dad receiving some enchanted cookies so she doesn’t have to explain her abduction via demon to him. A little flash into Susie’s past shows as a child she was more interested in toys like trucks than toys that are often encouraged for girls. This little insight shows viewers that Susie’s gender identity journey started quite some time ago and will likely be developed more next season.

Madam Satan: Greendale’s resident antagonist is not happy with her lot in life. The Dark Lord has not summoned her back to the Pit even though she recruited Sabrina for him. She’s also not getting further guidance from him. Most interestingly is her concern at Sabrina wanting to communicate with her dead mother, especially with suspicions that the crash that killed Edward and Diana Spellman wasn’t so accidental. At the episode’s end, she bites the head off a gingerbread cookie decorated to look like Sabrina. Trouble is certainly coming for Sabrina next season, and it’s Madam Satan-shaped.

Other characters: Nick Scratch and Father Blackwood were not featured in this episode, although they were alluded to. Salem was not present at all. Aunt Hilda and Ambrose were present, but their plotlines were not significantly advanced this time. All of the humans will likely see further development next season.

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