Kickstarter Alert: ‘Oddbods Go-Kards’ Is a Tabletop Racing Game Full of Wacky Family Fun!


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Odbods Go-Kards

Oddbods Go-Kards is a smart and quirky card-powered racing party game that’s fun for the whole family.

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Race your characters around the customizable track and use the special effects cards and wild corner events to win the game! Oddbods is a wacky game where players race around the track in an effort to reach the finish line first. They use movement cards to progress down a lane, but everything can go wrong (or more right) depending upon the effects of dare cards, special rule cards, or the crazy characters watching the corner turns.

Here’s a summary of gameplay:

I love the idea that you can set up the track in multiple formats, so you can have a kids-style game, a family-style game, or a pro-style game, and create a different experience every time you play. The rulebook for the family edition is available for download, so take a read.

Here’s a detailed gameplay explainer:

That seems like a pretty straightforward game, which excites me. I have a family that likes tabletop games, but doesn’t always have the patience to learn new games with extensive rulesets. I can totally see starting out with a kids-style game, then working up to family-style, and eventually pro-style, as everyone gets familiar and comfortable with the rules. I also really like the game aesthetic. It feels like a cross between Teletubbies, Mario Kart Racing, and the classic Mille Borne card-based racing game, and it’ll appeal to kids, families, and gamers who are looking for some light-hearted fun that has the potential to be more complex in gameplay than most games designed for kids.

Oddbods Go-KARDS is about to enter its last week on Kickstarter, and has already met its primary funding goal, and added a few stretch features. The 80-piece family edition of the game (which includes the basic kids-style as well) only runs about $49, which seems like a great price for a detailed game with lots of re-playability. The pro-level package with over 150 pieces, goes for $93. It looks to ship in May of next year.


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