‘Geekasaurus’ December 14th, 2018 – Making Memories

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We know Santa. Like, for reals. Santa’s our friend. Alice has met Santa a bunch of times. She thinks he’s silly and tends to laugh at him a bit. We see Santa once a month. We hang out. He’s an awesome guy. This is the second year that we’ve gone to visit our friend Santa while he’s working, and it’s the second year that Alice has cried for the picture.

Alice doesn’t understand lines. After 3 minutes of standing in line for Santa, Alice was ready to run off and look at the ice skating. So we explained why we were standing in line and how we wanted to get a special picture because this is how we are making memories as a family. We explained that we need to be patient and calm. The line was moving relatively quickly so we weren’t going to be in it for long, anyhow. But Alice is only 19 months old. She doesn’t know what the heck we’re talking about (despite us insisting on explaining things anyway) and doesn’t understand why we can’t just go over to the empty open space where there is plenty of room to run around.

Plus, there’s music and we could totally be dancing right now. Why are we just standing here behind these other people waiting to see Santa when I already know Santa? Those people behind us have popcorn snacks. Why don’t we have popcorn snacks? Why can’t we be eating popcorn snacks right now? What do you mean I’m not old enough for popcorn snacks!? 

I’m bored out of my fricken mind. Maybe if I yell “ow” really loudly, people will look at Mum and Dad funny and they’ll HAVE to take me over to the open area where I can run around, dance, and watch ice skating. OW! OW! OW! It’s not working. I could bite Mum… Ha, Mum said “Ow!”  

Why are we watching these people have their picture taken? None of this makes sense. Those animatronic moving bears are freaky and I don’t like them. I’ll just squirm a lot until Mum puts me down and then I’ll make my escape… No, don’t pass me off to Dad! Ugh. 

Finally, we’re at the front of the line. We can get this over with. Hello, my friend Santa that I know so well. Mum? Mum, what are you doing? Why are you leaving me here with my friend, Santa? I don’t get this. I don’t like this. I just spent ten whole minutes in line, I’m finally at the end, and you’re telling me I need to SIT here? COME ON!

We did end up with a nice picture of Alice not crying in Santa’s lap. I just have to remind myself sometimes that Alice is the run-around kid. She’s the curious, look at everything, climb the chairs kid. She’s the dance like no one is watching kid. She’s the stuff your face with a muffin as big as your head kid. She isn’t the sit-down kid, the quiet kid, or the wait in line kid. She’s my rambunctious kid, and I’m still learning how to be a rambunctious Mum.

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