Shuri #2 The Princess, The Goddess, and The Ex

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Shuri #2

Written by Nnedi Okorafor

Art by Leonardo Romero

Cover by Sam Spratt

Shuri #2 Cover Art
Shuri #2 Cover Art

The Story So Far

T’challa has disappeared on a mission in space. In Shuri #1, we learn that more than two weeks have gone by with no word. Now, Shuri, his younger sister and the genius behind much of Wakanda’s technological superiority, has been asked to reclaim the mantle of the Black Panther. Wakanda looks once more to her to bear the responsibility of being both its symbol and protector.

But Shuri recalls being the Black Panther before. It killed her – physically, it killed her. Aside from that Shuri’s true love is science. The next in line for the throne is happiest in a lab, building and creating the future. But Wakanda is a nation without a leader and the women of The Elephant’s Trunk have summoned her with a request. In Shuri #2, Shuri must now choose the best path for both Wakanda and herself.

Shuri Does What Shuri Does

Shuri has made her decision and it does not please her mother or the women of the Elephant’s Trunk. Like the strong and noble woman, she is, she is firm and stands her ground. She has no desire to return to living in the Shadow of her brother. In spite of a painful rebuke from her mother, Shuri does what Shuri does. Okorafor has told as much in the last issue. I think that phrase is the absolute best way to describe Shuri.

In the face of disapproval, she walks away determined to remain focused on what she sees as important. In her heart, she knows what she sees as best for both her nation and herself. So, Shuri #2 begins with Shuri’s decision to find her brother.

The Goddess and The Princess

Shuri returns home to find a sad goddess awaiting her. Storm’s forlorn expression as she greets Shuri with the knowledge of T’Challa’s disappearance is easily one of my favorite panels in this book, artistically speaking. Romero did such a good job with the woman who was my favorite character as I grew up. In fact, all of the Shuri #2 art is exceptional.

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The love between these two women is beautiful. As is Storm’s nature, she immediately takes charge, asking Shuri to bring her up to speed on what has happened and where exactly the boys disappeared. I got a kick out of the Ancestors as they prattled on about Ororo with a doting admiration. Clearly, they approve of T’Challa’s choice.

Storm suggests they go see Chief Ikoko, who just happens to also be T’Challa’s ex-girlfriend; a fact Shuri is quick to tease Storm about. It turns out though that Ikoko has already reached out to Storm. The three ladies must now put aside any petty jealousies and work together if they are to find T’Challa.

Saving T’Challa … Again

Shuri #2 builds on the theme we saw in the last issues: Shuri’s love for her brother and it’s conflict with her resentment of how he is always the focus.

His gender, his birth order, his position as king – she doesn’t desire any of these but she is tired of being dismissed and seen only through the lens of how she and what she does relate to the Mighty T’Challa. Yet, she is still the little sister who saved her brother from a snake (and several other things that nearly killed in throughout their lives) when he was young. For this reason, she accepts Ikoko’s plan to send her spirit to find her brother.

This is where things got weird and I’m anticipating an extremely fun issue three so I won’t share with you exactly where this plan lands Shuri. Moreover, there are other unexpected consequences to Ikoko’s plan, including an unexpected guest and I am dying of curiosity to see if this was a case of “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” or if this actually turns out to be a boon for our princess.

What I will tell you is that you need to get this comic and read it before the next issue comes out.

Art and Writing

I’m loving the character design. I have to say Romero’s renditions of Storm feel so right for her character. The braids are hands down my new favorite look for Storm and I cannot rave enough about Shuri’s design. Between the solid writing, very real dialogue, and great character relationships; I am hoping to see this series enjoy a long life.

Best Line: “The gravitational pull of a Wormhole is nothing compared to the pull of the heart.”

Predictions: The next issue is going to be an absolute riot. I can’t say more without spoiling it so pop in to the comments and tell me what you are expecting in the next issue.

Next Issue: Shuri #3 will be available December 19 2018

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