Gift Idea: BedJet Turns Your Bed Into a Temperature-Controlled Sleep Sanctuary


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Do you or your spouse get too hot, or too cold, under the covers? BedJet may be the perfect holiday gift for bedtime comfort.

Introduction (With Context)

About a year and a half ago, I published my DIY project for a under-the-covers cooling system for your bed. It was a somewhat-clunky kludge for keeping air circulating under the sheets in warm weather, so in case you don’t have air conditioning, and the nights stay hot, you can get some relief. And as part of that post, I pointed out the system in the photo above as the thing I was trying to emulate.

Well, lo-and-behold, they got in touch this year, and sent me a review unit. It turns out that a professionally developed device with quality parts and a well-thought-out design makes a huge difference in functionality and efficacy. I’ve fallen in love with the BedJet.

What the BedJet Does

The most basic description for what the BedJet does is that it blows air under your covers. It can also blow air into your covers, but more on that later. The important detail is that BedJet can blow the ambient air at floor level in your room, which is usually at least moderately cooler than what’s under your sheets after you’ve had your body warming things up for a bit, making for a delightfully-comforting method of keeping cooler at night.

However, BedJet can also deliver warm air under the sheets, making for an amazingly cozy experience on cold nights. Even more usefully, you can program the BedJet to deliver different temperatures and intensities of air over the course of the night, so you can fine tune the perfect sleep experience!

What Comes With BedJet

The BedJet has four primary components: the climate control system (basically the fan, the heater, and the brains), the hose, the mounting bracket, and the remote.

Our BedJet unit fits perfectly under the pet stair at the foot of our bed.

The climate control system is about the size of the box for a pair of boots, and looks like something you’d expect to see on a Kelvin-timeline starship (Star Trek geeks, you know what I mean). It’s just under 7″ tall, which means it should fit under most bed frames to keep out of the way (you can get a vertical stand for it if you need to position it differently). The unit itself has a nicely-long power cord that should reach to most nearby outlets. It has a power switch on-board, and controls and readouts so you can run it manually.

BedJet Hose
BedJet Hose and Mounting Bracket

The hose and nozzle are actually a pretty nifty bit of engineering. When I built my DIY system, one of the problems I had was that the expandable hose would, well, expand more than I wanted it to when I turned the airflow up. The BedJet folks appear to have overcome this issue with a multi-layer, fabric-wrapped hose that will extend and bend, but stays exactly the length you need it once you have it installed.

The mounting bracket works smartly to hold the hose against the side of your mattress, and point the nozzle directly under your covers. It’s sturdy and low-profile, but flexible enough that you can mount the hose on almost any side of your bed.

The BedJet Remote

The remote is very straightforward, and includes separate buttons to do each of the functions: heating, fan speed, time, and so on. It does not have a screen or any indicators for feedback; those you would get from the climate control system readout. Alternatively, the free app, which mimics the look and functionality of the remote, also gives you specific feedback on temperatures and fan speeds. Also, if you want to program custom cycles, you do need to use the dedicated app, as there’s no way to do that on the remote.

How the BedJet Works

Once you have it installed, you get to play with the levels of comfort it provides. Do you get overheated at night? Run the “Cool” mode, and it pumps ambient-temperature air under the covers at whatever intensity you want to set the fan to. If you want things warmer, run the “Warm” mode, and set the temperature of the air to the perfect comfort and intensity level for you. There’s even a “Turbo” mode that will run the system at 109 degrees F for 10 minutes to make your bed feel like you just put sheets on it straight from the dryer. Note: there are a lot of safety features built into the BedJet to avoid too much of a good thing. For example, you can’t run it on high heat for more than 10 minutes at a time without manual intervention (no falling asleep in the sauna). They also make a point that, for people who suffer from night sweats, the BedJet can do an amazing job of cooling and drying that will significantly reduce the effects.

When you add the programmability of the app into the mix, things get even more interesting. For example, after using the BedJet for a few days, I realized a pattern was developing. I liked having the straight cooling on when climbing into bed and trying to go to sleep, but I would always wake up in the middle of the night, and my feet and lower legs would be cool from the cooler air blowing on them for a few hours, and I’d have to fiddle with the controller to boost the temperature. So, I created a custom program where it would be on Cool for the first hour at bedtime, and then switch to heat and bump the temperature up 10 degrees, so that once I’d fallen asleep, my tootsies would get toastier. It works like a charm!


While the basic BedJet setup works great, there are a couple of options to consider to make the experience even better.

AirComfort Cloud Sheet
AirComfort Cloud Sheet

As an add-on to the BedJet system, they offer the AirComfort Cloud Sheet. The easiest description I can give you is that it’s a quilted cotton balloon. They take a couple layers of very nice cotton sheet, and quilt them together, and add airlocks at the edges into which you can plug the BedJet nozzle. So, instead of blowing the air under your covers, you blow the air into your covers, resulting in a luxurious top sheet that delivers the delightful temperature-controlled air as a soft flow all over your body. You can use it with a top cover, blanket, or even a comforter on top, without a problem.

The ultimate add-on, especially for couples, is a second BedJet. You can run two units, one on each side of the bed, and if you use the two-zone version of the AirComfort Cloud Sheet, you can perfectly tune each person’s sleeping arrangement just for them. In many ways, a complete two-zone BedJet setup could make the perfect “let’s get something for us” gift for the holidays,

Pricing and Details

The basic BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System costs $339. That includes the controller, hose and nozzle, mounting bracket, and remote. If you don’t think the custom programming is important, you can get a refurbished V1 unit for only $269.

The AirComfort Cloud Sheets start at $99 for a single-zone twin sheet, and run up to $159 for the dual-zone, king size.

You can get a complete dual-zone solution for $809 (queen) or $829 (king).

The vertical mount for the controller is $16.

You can order from the BedJet website, or check Amazon, where they had a 25% off deal recently.

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