‘Geekasaurus’ November 21st, 2018 – Switcheroo

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I have to eat dinner by myself in my bedroom if I want to eat. It doesn’t matter if the Dinosaur gets ahold of my dinner, my husband’s, or my father-in-law’s; she will cram it into her toothy mouth and leave you with mushed up clawed at bits of meat and vegetables that are probably covered in snot, fuzz, and drool from earlier on in the day.

She will 100% ignore her plate and climb up in your lap to commandeer your own.

Still, she mostly does this to me. Is it because I’m home with her 6 days a week? Probably. Or is it really because food always tastes better when it is off of someone else’s plate?

They can have my turkey. They can have my potatoes. But if they come after my pie, someone’s getting stabbed with a fork.

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