Celebrating Fall With ‘Incredibles 2’ on Blu-ray

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I have waited nearly a DECADE AND A HALF for this sequel! And Disney Pixar didn’t disappoint, either! We were thrilled to receive an advance copy of Incredibles 2 about a week before Halloween, and it was just in time for the ultimate viewing experience!

Our family moved across town into a new neighborhood in April 2017. Since this was a new—like, seriously new—neighborhood, for the first time, we have neighbors who are experiencing the same new-construction things we are. We have bonded really wonderfully with our community and we are so happy to have made the move.

For the second October in a row, our street held a bonfire party on the Friday evening before Halloween. One of our (new) traditions is to play a movie with a projector on the side of the house at the end of the street; there’s a lawn area for everyone to set up blankets, lawn chairs, and pillows to enjoy the movie.

This year we definitely outdid our 2017 bonfire with four fire pits keeping us warm (as well as shots of Fireball, hot buttered rum in a Crock Pot, and candy corn-flavored Jell-O shots for the adults), and I offered up Incredibles 2 for the projector once the sun set and the kids were worn out from all the Halloween games, food, and candy.

There’s nothing like seeing a film for the first time on the big screen. For many of the kids, the side of my neighbor’s house was their “big screen”. Photo credit: Patricia Vollmer

In addition to the movie that is definitely one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen, the Blu-ray and digital download include several fun extras that are worth checking out. Here are my favorites:

Included on Both Digital Download and Blu-ray

Bao: This theatrical short really tugged at my heart strings, the way most Pixar shorts do. But this one took the tugging a step further, featuring a Chinese mother whose little “bao” comes to life, personifying a strained relationship with her son. For those who don’t know, a bao is a pouch made of steamed yeast bread, holding beans, vegetables, or meat. If you didn’t get to see this in the theater, this short is a must-see on your Blu-ray or digital download. As GeekMom Marziah told us in June, “it was this short that set the stage for those of us who enjoyed the first Incredibles movie with our very young kids, who are no longer the tiny little dumplings they once were.”

Making of Bao: Storyboard artist and Pixar director Domee Shi discusses her Chinese-Canadian heritage and her relationship with her mother that inspired her creation of Bao.

Auntie Edna: For those who have seen the film, we know that Edna took Jack-Jack for an evening, giving Bob a much-needed night off from Dad duty. In this five-minute “mini-movie,” you get a look at what the night was like for Edna, observing Jack-Jack’s new powers and designing his super suit. If you saw Jack-Jack Attack on the original The Incredibles DVD release, where you view Kari’s perspective babysitting Jack-Jack, Auntie Edna is very similar, but just as adorable to watch.

Digital Download Exclusives

The Coolest Guy in Show Business: Sit down with Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone) during this three-minute documentary short as he tells stories about his upbringing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the 1950s. Learning how his love of comic books and his grandfather’s storytelling inspired him to enter show business to become some of the greatest characters in our favorite superhero canon. You’ll particularly enjoy the adorable storyboards, bringing old photos of Jackson’s childhood to life.

Two Super Scene Breakdowns: Enjoy details of how the Pixar artists developed the story for the iconic Jack-Jack vs. the raccoons scene. In addition, you get to meet the women who brought this evolved-working-mother-Helen to life. Each of these are over 10 minutes long and shows a combination of crew commentaries, story boards, and animations. They’re a lot of fun to watch and, as always in my family, fascinating to understand the inspirations behind our favorite movies.

While the digital version of Incredibles 2 has been available for a couple weeks, if you’re needing the Blu-ray or DVD version, it’s now available starting today at major big-box and online retailers.

GeekMom received a complimentary sample of Incredibles 2 for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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