10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week


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10 Amazing Kickstarter ProjectsHive Explorer | First Smart Insect Farm for Starters
Now kids can grow their own edible protein aka mealworms.

A portable musical instrument that sounds like slide guitar from Mars.

See Sense BEAM & ICON2 – Our brightest bike lights yet
These lights adjust brightness and blink rate to suit road conditions.

Hover 2 – The 4K Drone that Flies Itself
Second version of this friendly photo drone that can avoid obstacles.

Wynd Halo + Home Purifier: Keep your home’s air healthy
The air-quality monitor cranks up the purifier when things get dirty.

Atolla: Personal Skincare, Powered by Machine Learning
A crew from MIT offers serums that are customized via data and feedback loops.

Grove Junior: Snap-and-Play programmable modules
Magnets make it easy to start building a robot army.
Pivo. Get Insanely Creative GIFs, Photos & Videos.
A little rotating gadget that holds your phone for motion tracking and trick shots.

Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2
This portable spinning wheel is a smash hit with the yarn crowd.

mui: Interactive Wood Panel for Peaceful Digital Living
Ending soon. A beautiful way to manage your smart home, via Japan.

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