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Solo Boredom Busters

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Solo is coming out on Blu-Ray DVD soon, and none-too-soon! Until then, how’s a kid to while away his time, especially when he’s got to do so solo? Why, with the help of Solo cups (and plates), of course. Check out these Solo Boredom Busters.

Kessel Run Solo Game

Beat the clock. See how many cups you can stack in 12 (par)secs. Race against others (although, presumably, if you’ve got others around, you’re not really playing a Solo game). Arrange them as quickly as you can into a staggered stack (although you’re free to try to stack them up as high as possible, just be sure to beat the clock). Here’s a sample run of what can be accomplished in 12 (par)secs.

Solo Bowl-o

Yeah, I know that ain’t the greatest name ever. Feel free to come up with a better one. The idea, though, is straight-forward. It’s like bowling, but instead of pins you’ve got Solo cups. And instead of a bowling ball, you’ve got Solo paper plates. Which, you’ll notice, adds a degree of difficulty to the process.

The rules are simple: you’ve got three tries to knock down all the upper cups by flinging paper plates frisbee-style at the targets. Or you can make it even more difficult and try to knock down all the cups. Your choice. Sure, you spend a fair bit of time setting up the pins, but isn’t that part of the point? That DVD isn’t out yet, and you’ve got to occupy as much time as you can.

Vos Yacht Toss

Once you’ve mastered knocking down all the cups, why not aim for knocking down only some of the cups. According to the rules (made up by my 12-year-old), if you knock down all the cups, you lose 200,000 points. If you only hit the cups above the plate and none underneath, you get 100,000 points. If you hit nothing, you get 0 points. In the video below, a ball was thrown. But you’re welcome to try the same by flinging plates.

So Much Solo

There are, of course, plenty of other things you can do, plenty of games you can play and crafts you can build using Solo cups. If you’re into gardening, you can use the cups for seeds or something. You can craft with them. Heck, you can even make fedoras for your backyard gnome army. Really, the possibilities are endless. That said, we don’t have too long to wait before Solo comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, and until then, maybe these games can help distract you in the meantime. What other games can you come up with to beat the boredom without breaking the bank? Share your ideas in the comments.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was provided with Solo cups and plates as part of a promotion for the upcoming Solo Blu-ray release. However, the games created (and the boredom remedies suggested) were entirely her own—and those of her 12-year-old son.

Further disclaimer (perhaps altogether irrelevant): The Cleveland Browns sweatshirt was worn to celebrate the fact that the Browns are currently undefeated, and we in Cleveland cannot help but rejoice.

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