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Oz Comic-Con: Ticket Giveaway for Sydney and Brisbane

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Oz Comic-Con Giveaway

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? GeekMom (and GeekDad) have tickets to giveaway for the upcoming Oz Comic-Con in Australia. Why? Because we’re awesome, you’re awesome, and we always love the opportunity to promote geeky conventions from all around the world. Thanks to the team at Oz Comic-Con, we have three (3) double passes for the upcoming Brisbane event AND three (3) double passes for the Sydney event.

Back in May this year, we teamed up with Oz Comic-Con to giveaway three double passes to Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. By pure chance, at least two of the winners were “first-time convention goers” who were so happy with their weekend, they have already started work on their cosplay for next year.

This is exactly the type of story we love to hear at GeekMom! Whether you’re a first-time visitor to a convention or a 20-year veteran who loves to support the local talent, we love to hear the stories you share from your favorite geeky conventions. Those moments where you are so happy to be there, you can’t help be excited for next year!

Well, as promised, we have more tickets to giveaway for the upcoming Oz Comic-Con events in Brisbane and Sydney. So let’s have a look at why you would want to go?

What Brings You to Oz Comic-Con?

Oz Comic-Con guests
Image used with permission from Oz Comic-Con

Guest stars are always a huge drawcard. People love the opportunity to say hi to their favorite actors, gush their appreciation, and maybe pick up an autograph or two to mark the occasion. My top pick for this year is Dichen Lachman, an Australian actress who has made her mark in science-fiction series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Dichen is strong, smart, and a force to reckon with in any role. And while I probably won’t allow my five-year-old daughter to watch any of Dichen’s shows just yet, I am absolutely thrilled to see a fantastic role model coming Oz Comic-Con.

Oz Comic-Con guests
Image used with permission from Oz Comic-Con

Of course, it’s not just TV and film that attracts the geeks. Next on my list is Stewart McKenny, artist and illustrator for My Little Pony, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, Star Wars: Clones Wars Adventures, and Captain America. This guy has a long catalog of work in our household and I’m really looking forward to chatting with him about how he adds his own personal touch to already established characters. Stewart attended Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne earlier this year, and my kids have not stopped pestering me about whether he will make it to Sydney. Thank you Oz Comic-Con; I have retained Cool Mom status for another year.

Oz Comic-Con guest
Image used with permission from Oz Comic-Con

There is one more special guest on my “Must See” list, but alas, Traci Harding won’t be making it to Sydney this year. I will simply have to live vicariously through the winners of our Brisbane tickets. Traci Harding is an Australian writer of science-fiction and fantasy, best known for her ever-popular Ancient Future trilogy. As a special treat for those attending Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane, Traci is sharing a sneak-peak of her new book This Present Past, but only to the first thirty sales. So jealous…

Oz Comic-Con Is More Than the Special Guests

If you went to any geeky convention purely for the special guests, you would miss out on a plethora of opportunities. What makes a geeky convention great is the community feel; this is an event to bring people together. There are workshops, panels, cosplay displays, specialist exhibits, and my favorite of all: Artists Alley. Some of the best creators (artists and writers) started out with fan-art and fan-fiction. Walking down Artist Alley can be both overwhelming and inspiring… but it is never boring. Make sure you take the time to appreciate your local artists and, where possible, share their details (either in the comments below or on social media).

And Now for the Ticket Giveaway!

We have three (3) double passes each for Brisbane and Sydney Oz Comic-Con, and all you need to do is fill in the form below. The double passes grant two (2) adults entry to either the Brisbane or the Sydney event for the whole weekend. Each adult can bring in one (1) child up to the age of 12. That means each double pass grants admission to two adults and two kids. Pretty sweet, right? Details for each event are:

When: 22-23 September 2018
Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: 29-30 September 2018
Where: International Convention Centre (Darling Harbour)

If you miss out on our giveaway, you can still buy tickets to either event through the Oz Comic-Con website. Advance tickets are now on sale, with 25% off General Admission Single Day Passes and 15% off Weekend Passes. General Admission tickets will be $42.50 at the door and remember, kids under 12 are free.

Entry is by way of the form below and drawn by random. Entries close Monday, 3 September 2018 and winner will be announced by Friday, 7 September 2018. Competition is open to Australian Residents only and is for event admission only; all additional costs, including accommodation, travel, food, beverages, guest tokens, and merchandise are the sole responsibility of the winners. All information collected for the purpose of the competition only and will be provided to the Oz Comic-Con operators for the purpose of providing the tickets.

For further event information, check out the Oz Comic-Con website: http://ozcomiccon.com/

We Have Winners

Big thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway. We had an amazing response for both Brisbane and Sydney, however, the random generator has selected the following winners:


Bronwyn S.

Jacob W.

Marcela R.


Alice C.

Jen I.

Todd B.


Winners: Please check your emails for confirmation! If you missed out this time, remember to pre-purchase your tickets through the link above and follow our social media for live updates.

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