9 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week


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Kickstarter 062918 FeaturedFrom a cardboard robot with Artificial Intelligence (via your phone) to an analog camper for the Instagram generation, these new Kickstarter projects are amazing!

Smartibot: A.I. enabled cardboard robot
Connect up to 14 motors, or strap your smartphone onto it. See also My Loopy.

Kick Asteroid!
Bill Nye and the Planetary Society want everyone to think about asteroid defense.

Beeline Moto | smart navigation for motorcycles, made simple
Like the bike version, this is all about stripping the clutter out of navigation.

Heari: Tailored Audio Neckband Headphones
Measures your ears’ sensitivity to different tones, adjusts accordingly. See also B&B Pure.

Duo: The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor
Hangs off a laptop like a rear-view mirror—but it’s thoroughly forward-looking.

Limbo | The Magical Top That Spins For Hours
A self-balancing electric gyro that makes it impossible to tell if you’re dreaming.

Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project
The journalist and activist is building a platform for crowdsourced research and organizing.

The Diana Instant Square Camera
The Lomography crew keeps exploring the possibilities of imperfect analog cameras.

bicymple nuvo.
Long live the penny-farthing.

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