My Ravensburger – The Perfect Gift for Dad


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Father’s Day is around the corner and finding a great gift is often hard to do. I know, as a dad, I’m often hard to shop for because anything I want that isn’t expensive (like a Glowforge – I REALLY want one) I already have. This year, Ravensburger is coming to the rescue!

I love doing puzzles, but I also have a hard time finding puzzles that I want to do. I’m pretty picky about the art on my puzzles since I enjoy gluing them and framing them and using them as art. Ravensburger has fixed that problem with their My Ravensburger line of puzzles! My Ravensburger puzzles are very high quality puzzles that you use your own photo for, come in a nice metal tin, and are available in 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, and 1500 piece versions.

I’ve used puzzle making services before myself and wasn’t really happy with the quality of the puzzle or the print, but Ravensburger is knocking it out of the park with these. I recently talked about the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Featuring the Seattle Avengers, and I knew a puzzle of my Avengers crew would be something both I and my kids could enjoy, so when Ravensburger asked me to write about their puzzles, I knew this photo by Hudson Michaels Photography was the perfect choice!

This photo was one posted on Facebook so isn’t even a full resolution version and the quality came out great. Face detail is clear, color fidelity and vibrancy is amazing, and the pieces themselves are sturdy and thick. I don’t have any pictures of the finished puzzle yet because I’m saving putting it together as a Father’s Day activity with my kids. I’d love to see your puzzle if you get one. Share it with Ravensburger and GeekDad using the #MyRavensburger and #GeekDadPuzzle hashtags!

Disclosure: Puzzle sample provided by Ravensburger.

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