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Geek Stitch: Card Embroidery Kits for All the Fandoms

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wonder woman card embroidery kit
Card Embroidery Kits from Pirate-Dragon

Some people go to geeky conventions for the special guests. Some people go for the workshops and panels. Some go to check out the cosplay (and join in the fun). But my first love is always Artists Alley. I love all the creative ways I can show off my fandom, both original and fan art alike. And ‘Geeky Card Embroidery’ is my new favorite.

What Are Card Embroidery Kits?

These Card Embroidery Kits are designed and created by Megs Drinkwater, the person behind Pirate-Dragon. We’re talking beautiful, hand-stitched logos on high quality cardboard using premium embroidery thread. I know it’s premium because it didn’t break, no matter how many times I yanked it. More on that later.

All of the cardboard is pre-punched with teeny-tiny little holes for you to stitch with. Every kit comes with clear and detailed instructions, as well as all the items you will need. All you need to do is sit down and stitch.

Take any fandom you like. Think of a logo or symbol most recognizable within the fandom and – bamf! – It’s most likely here, or Megs will add it to her list of upcoming products. Check out the existing product list here.

Even I Can Do It

As I said, I love all of the fan art, especially the ones aimed at my own favorite fandom. There are many-a-moments where I have seen an artist’s display and thought, I wish I could do that.

That’s exactly what these Card Embroidery Kits are: the opportunity for you to do it.

If you have ever seen Megs at a Convention (she’s been to a few), you have probably noticed the gorgeous display of her Card Embroidery.

card embroidery at convention
Photo taken by Megs Drinkwater

Megs has many of her card embroidery designs pre-made and ready for purchase. She also has a select few signed by various actors, artists, and creators. She makes one for them, and keeps a signed one for herself. My favorite of these is a SG1 Stargate, signed by Richard Dean Anderson.

A little while ago, Megs approached me about reviewing her kits. More specifically, she asked if my kids would review them. Because clearly they are better at my job than I am (well, they are far more charming…) She gave the Deadpool Kit to 11-year-old Sinister to test out, and I had to share my Wonder Woman kit with nine-year-old Nefarious and four-year-old Zaltu. When I say “share”, read ‘EG Mum did the work and the younger kids walked around saying Look What We Made’.

Deadpool Card Embroidery Kit

The Deadpool Kit comes with either black or red cardboard. We chose the black cardboard for personal preference but you can choose whichever you prefer. Remember: everything you need is included in the kit (except for scissors and sticky tape) and usually sells for AUD$32/USD$24. This is brilliant because I wouldn’t even know where to source embroidery thread from.

Is It Easy?

Yes. Megs has provided excellent instructions. It’s a matter of matching her diagrams with your pre-punched cardboard and then count. Start from the back of the cardboard, come out towards you at Hole #1, go through to the back again in Hole #2, and follow the instructions. The Deadpool Kit is especially easy. There were a few moments where Sinister was distracted and missed a spot but it is also very easy to fix mistakes. The other tricky bit is making sure your thread is firm but not tight. Too tight and you run the risk of ripping the cardboard (don’t panic – you can fix it with sticky tape). Too loose and the thread just hangs a bit. This comes with practice.

card embroidery deadpool
Photo by EG Mum / Deadpool card embroidery WIP

Is It Suitable for Kids?

If you have a kid who is interested in sewing or making geeky things, then yes. I won’t lie: it did take Sinister some time to finish it. Choose a nice long break to sit down and work on it together. Summer holidays are perfect for this. The only thing to consider with younger children is the sharpy pointy-ness of the needle. Otherwise, this one is suitable for all ages.

Wonder Woman Embroidery Kit

This one was a little trickier for me. Choosing the cardboard color was the easiest part: I chose the blue cardboard over the black, and this has become an ongoing debate between Megs and I (in good fun). Help a gal out and vote BLUE!! Either color usually sells for AUD$36/USD$27.

There is more detail in the WW logo, with slight curving around the W’s and the ‘wings’. This area requires far more attention to counting than the Deadpool Kit. A child can still achieve this but will need to be more careful. The stars are a great feature and easy to do. The border around the outside brings it all together in a neat fashion. It’s going to sound weird but I really appreciate the border. The difference between border and no border is really quite noticeable, so don’t think you can take a short-cut and simply ‘not do it’. It’s worth the extra effort.

card embroidery wonder woman WIP
Photo by EG Mum / Wonder Woman card embroidery WIP

All in all, the Wonder Woman kit took me three nights to complete while catching up on some Netflix. The final result with the shiny cardboard and metallic thread is beautiful.

Where Do I Buy Them?

Here’s the exciting news: Megs is heading to San Diego Comic Con next month!!

Usually, I would recommend you go directly to Megs website. Not only can you see the entire collection of products available, you can also order directly from the website. She posts anywhere in the world (US-citizens: if you order in the next week or two, Megs has said she can post from SDCC when she arrives, rather than you waiting for international delivery).

You can also purchase directly from Megs in person at many conventions. If you are attending SDCC next month, follow Pirate-Dragon on Facebook for updates on where to find her. If you are attending Sydney Supanova this weekend in Australia, you can find Megs in Artists Alley.

To be absolutely honest, we were all amazed how easy this was for such an awesome piece of art. There is a certain pride when contributing to art, and this is no exception. Megs has produced an excellent kit to appeal to many fandoms and many age-groups.

After the Wonder Woman kit, I think I’m ready for the Auryn from Neverending Story. Or maybe The Legend of Zelda kit? What do you think?

Disclaimer: I have known Megs for a few years, often meeting when our various convention calendars coincide. I received the Deadpool Card Embroidery Kit and the Wonder Woman Card Embroidery Kit for review purposes, and received no further benefit. All opinions are honest and my own.

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