Geek Daily Deals Jun. 25, 2018: 10-Port USB Charging Station for $20


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Geek Daily Deals 062618 10-port usb chargerGeek Daily Deals – Make sure everyone in the family can charge their devices with this 10-port USB charging station for just $10 today!

Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger. Smart USB Ports with Auto Detect Technology:

Let’s do a little science and math exercise. One of the fundamental equations of electricity is that P=IV, that is power (commonly expressed in Watts, equals current (Amps) times voltage (Volts). The standard voltage for USB ports is 5V, and they’ll deliver variable current, usually from 0.9A up to 3A, or a power delivery between about 5W and 15W. This 10-port charging station is rated for 60W, so if there was a device plugged into every port, there would be an average of 6W available per port. So, if you plugged power-hungry phones or tablets into every port, they might charge more slowly than they would over a dedicated charger. OTOH, if you’re mixing things like Bluetooth earbuds, phones, and smart watches, you can get plenty of charging bang for your buck here. If you really want to max things out power-wise, though, you might consider two 5-port chargers instead.

  • Smart port technology maximizes compatibility with Android, Apple and other devices by enabling charging speeds of up to 12 amps among 10 ports or 2.4 amps per port.
  • Rapid Charger- Charge your power hungry devices at full speed with 60 watts and 12A total output. Perfect for International Travel- AC 110-220V input voltage
  • Charge 10 Devices simultaneously. Overcharge protection Charges safely.
  • Charge up to 4 tablets and 6 smartphones simultaneously.
  • Charge almost any USB device- You can charge more than just your smartphone or table with this handy, multi-port adapter. It will also power up your e-reader, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers and nearly any other device that charges with a USB cord

Get one for just $20 today!

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